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Toroidal Checkers

Toroidal Checkers
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Bored with playing old fashioned checkers? Try cylindrical checkers. Imagine the board wrapped into a cylinder with the left and right edges brought into adjacency. This means that a checker can move from (say) the third row at the right to the fourth row at the left in one move. Jumps follow the same topological logic. It is not necessary to actually make a board since the new adjacencies quickly become clear. Bored with playing old fashioned cylindrical checkers? Try toroidal checkers. This is similar to cylindrical checkers but with the ends of the cylinder wrapped around so that the king rows are now adjacent. The same rules apply; a single checker can only move along the torus in a counter clockwise direction. Once kinged it can move in either direction.
wow, Dec 22 2002

baked for chess http://www.chessvar...ther.dir/torus.html
... obviously leads to toroidal checkers, toroidal fox and geese, etc. [egnor, Oct 04 2004]


       Can you draw me a picture? I'm a bit thick and am having difficulty imagining what this looks like.
snarfyguy, Dec 22 2002

       So it's scrolling checkers?   

       Why not a mobius strip model, then you could sneak up on your opponent from the other side?
FloridaManatee, Aug 18 2003

       Good idea but I'm disappointed. From the title I had hoped this would be some kind of remote medical sensor so I wouldn't have to keep visiting the doctor to get my torroids checked. Still, a + from me.
dobtabulous, Aug 18 2003

       [FloridaManatee] don't you mean "sneak up on your opponent from the *same* side" ?
pjd, Aug 18 2003


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