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Tamper-proof lunch bag

..got the sticky finger syndrome? (not to be confused with stinky fingers)
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A lot of us work in an office setting. It seems like if you put your lunch in to a communal refrigerator there will be a good chance that it’ll get stolen or an item could be taken out of your lunch bag/box. I propose a tamper-proof lunch sack that bursts a type of red-ink that will stain the fingers of the notorious ‘lunch thief’. The outside (bottom) of the bag will have a small keypad that can be preprogrammed so a key code can be entered before opening the bag. The locking mechanism is not meant to theoretically ‘lock the bag’; it’s mainly to disengage the trigger that releases the ink. If you don’t enter the code then choose to open the bag and stick your hand in, then Boom! You now can be found :-) hopefully.
HalfBias, Sep 24 2010

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       Periodically we have trouble at my day job with food theft. I suspect it's a universal problem in most workplaces. I like this idea.
normzone, Sep 24 2010

       The ink on my food better be nontoxic...
Voice, Sep 24 2010

       Welcome to the halfbakery HalfBias. [21] is right about the lunch thief figuring this one out, but I do think it's so low for people to take other's lunch!
xandram, Sep 24 2010

       Latex gloves..magnificent! Maybe there could be a device that instantly sends a text message to your cell phone alerting you that there is a breach in progress; whether the bag is cut or opened. There could be sensors built in to the skin of the bag. Then you can catch the lunch burglar ‘red’ handed.   

       Thanks for the welcome xandram.   

       ..and [Voice] definitely nontoxic ink.
HalfBias, Sep 24 2010

       Add lots of cayenne pepper to your sandwiches, or inject a little capsaicin into an apple, using a syringe. You'll only have to do it once.
infidel, Sep 24 2010

       [infidel] I’d still want to eat my lunch so this strategy wouldn’t work. An ordinary lunch jacking happens maybe once a week, so this means you have a 1 in 5 chance that your lunch would get stolen in a week. If I pre-inject my food then my chances of actually eating are zero.   

       plus, who eats apples?
HalfBias, Sep 27 2010

       Me! I love 'em! I probably eat a couple of Pink Lady apples and a Braeburn every day. Not so keen on Fujis, they're a bit sweet. Delicious leave a slight aftertaste of kerosene...   

       I also like hot chili, so I wouldn't mind bombing a sandwich up to keep it from being filched.
infidel, Sep 27 2010

       //I wouldn't mind bombing a sandwich up to keep it from being filched.//   

       Think this through, now. You'd bomb your sandwich once to discourage future theft. But, it has to get filched in order for the ruse to work.   

       I guess the same thing is true of ink bomb. I'd hope there was only one thief in the office....
Boomershine, Sep 27 2010

       Well, you wouldn't bomb the same sandwich twice, would you?
infidel, Sep 27 2010


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