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travel american football

gridiron game in a handy case.
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play american football in the car, on the train, anywhere.

it comes in its own little mahogany box with a bag of 22 muscle-bound footballers and substitutes and refs etc. the board is just a mass of 50 x 50 pinholes for the men to move across, so there are a possible 2500 possible places for each player to position his men and lord knows how many combinations for the entire teams. (I am no mathematician).

it comes with a very tiny book of rules comprising some 500 minute pages and an eyeglass.

there is a large plastic scoreboard and 2 goalposts that clip onto the sides of the playing field and fold down very small and tuck into the box when not in use.

each player gets to move one authentic looking footballer with its little pin, one square forward or sideways or backwards (see rulebook). the ball (with its own little pin) occupies one space and that gets moved along with the flow of the play (see rule book).

play is stopped every so often to count the footballers, too many and penalties are incurred.

injured footballers get thrown away, sorry! this game can get rough (extra footballers can be purchased, see last page of rule book)

players take turns keeping score for each quarter of play (see rule book).

for further explanations, see rule book…

po, Feb 03 2004

Rule book http://www.cae.wisc...dwilson/rsfc/intro/
Couldn't be easier..not. [skinflaps, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Not the travel edition http://www.amazon.c...nce&s=toys&n=171280
[DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       You'd have to be going on an awfully long journey if you wanted the game to be finished by the time that you got to your destination.
DrBob, Feb 03 2004

       Does the tray vibrate?
phoenix, Feb 03 2004

       if you really want it to, phoe. :)
po, Feb 03 2004

       I hate American football. But I'd dig throwing miniature muscle-bound gridiron gods about the place. Excellent idea, [po]. Bun! [+]
Letsbuildafort, Feb 03 2004

       Can the fans tear down the goalposts after the win, get hit by the falling uprights and then sue for USD$80,000,000? Great idea [+]
Klaatu, Feb 03 2004

       Does it have a miniature Half-time show (with or without partial nudity)?
k_sra, Feb 03 2004

       Rivalry accessory package sold seperately ... see back panel of instruction pamphlet ...
Letsbuildafort, Feb 03 2004

       How about a bag of miniature cheerleaders to do a lap dance?
FarmerJohn, Feb 03 2004

       [po] presumably this game also comes equipped with a tiny Janet Jackson who gets her miniscule assets out at half time, whilst singing a song with a pintsized Justin Timberlake? +   

       [k_sra] beat me to it, didn't she!
jonthegeologist, Feb 03 2004

       Yes, she did, but yours is lovely, too.
k_sra, Feb 03 2004

       I see you are well acquainted with the game, girl!   

       See Rule Book.
The Kat, Feb 03 2004

       I do try to research my ideas a tad, Kat.
po, Feb 03 2004

       //I do try to research my ideas a tad//   

       So, "that's" what you were doing in the men's showers after the superbowl? "Research"?
Klaatu, Feb 03 2004

       bit whiffy in there, K. phew!
po, Feb 03 2004

       Does the Rule Book explain the nuances of the Screen Play? How about the Draw Play and the effectiveness when in a blitz, on a 3 and short? Does the rule book help us to determine whether we want a Down-and-out pattern or a crossing pattern? Do the rules allow for man-to-man coverage?   

       Just checking to see what you "really" did in those showers.
Klaatu, Feb 03 2004

       <checking small print> get back to to you later, K. <buzz>
po, Feb 03 2004

       Does the Superbowl expansion kit contain pyrotechnics ?
normzone, Dec 29 2005

       Is there a section for contract negotiations for the pin-headed players?
dentworth, Dec 29 2005


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