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will to portal

bottom-hinged doors for maximum drama
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Why stop to open the door when you can merrily stomp right over it? Counterweight or spring-load a door along the bottom, hinging to allow it to swing down to the floor in either direction. A gas cylinder to retard return to closed position keeps it from attacking the second person through.
djymm, Mar 27 2001


       you would also have to ensure that the areas on either side are clear, which would be a good thing. Maybe have black and yellow caution stripes on the floor, deliniating the space where the door will come down.
absterge, Mar 27 2001

       People get hit by regular doors all the time and no-one demands that the areas through which they swing be marked with warning stripes.

I like this... but it has to be a sturdy door with loose hinges so it crashes down loud and dramatically. (It would eliminate the option for slamming the door behind you when you leave. Perhaps you could have a regular door for slamming closed beside the downward swinging door.)
sirrobin, Mar 27 2001

       How 'bout loosing the hinges entirly, and attatching the door my means of tiny strings at the four courners. You kick the door entirly out of the frame for your very dramatic entrance; then a couple of minutes later, the strings retract bringing the door to it's upright position. Works for both coming and going.   

       The problem here is that everyone gets to be dramatic... so, the next logical step is to take the door above (with the strings and all), and add hinges from which the pins would be removed unless the person begins to turn the door handle, at which point the pins are mechanically inserted into the hinges causing the door to be opened normally and very undramatically.
LittleBitONothing, Mar 27 2001

       um.... many doors are made of glass... have fun!
LittleBitONothing, Mar 27 2001

       What if you're going the other way through the door after someone's just stomped it down? You'll get hurled out across the photocopier and into the drinks machine or possibly through a window. I like it.
Gordon Comstock, Mar 27 2001

       I like the dramatic possibilities. It seems to me that this would invite the entrance of wild-eyed, shirtless men, yelling "STELLLLAAAAH!"
1percent, Mar 27 2001

       I think a mix of sirrobin's annotation (instead of a sturdy door, merely paint it so it looks sturdy and rig the door to a speaker which makes the crashing sound) with LittleBitONothing's (strings at four corners so you could kick it off the frame) would be cool. The technology exists and is currently in use: the "falling bridge" at Universal Studios.
iuvare, Mar 27 2001

       Would the shirtless men be included with the door, or purchased separately?
moonmoose, Mar 28 2001

       I'd have to get one of these installed in my garage. Scare the hell out of my neighbours as I drove through.
dare99, Mar 11 2002

       What happens if two persons approach the door at the same time from opposite sides? Does one see the other get hit over the head with the door, and nobody gets anywhere? Or does the door have motion detectors and refuse to crash down when there is somebody on the other side, so you get an endless "you first, no you first, no after you sir"?   

       Still, I think the dramatics outweigh the possible practical problems. Croissant.
herilane, Mar 11 2002

       flying doors, sounds of distant explosions, drama.   

       <Bill & Ted> Excellent </Bill & Ted>
ato_de, May 04 2003


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