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Great for Jehovah's Witnesses
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I can't lay complete claim to this idea - my wife's uncle did it first. Smart guy.

The UnDoor is a door to nowhere. It is of no consequence to you, the homeowner, because you don't usually see it. It's a door, complete with doorstep, screen door, doorbell, etc. But it doesn't open, the doorknob doesn't turn, the doorway doesn't even go all the way through the wall. It's strictly eyewash.

The doorbell does work. It's an especially low-volume model, mounted inside the wall right behind the UnDoor. Press the button, and the doorbell sounds as if it's doing its thing inside the house. Except it isn't. Eventually the Jehovah's Witness (Mormon, Coupon Sale Highschooler, StripaGram, what have you) gets frustrated and leaves.

The actual door is on the back of the house, where all your friends usually come in anyway. There's another door, to satisfy fire code, at some other location. It is cleverly concealed as a window so as to not tip off the StripaGram girl.

elhigh, Mar 15 2006


       Maybe not a bad idea in itself, but it leads to problematic situations -- how are you going to get packages delivered? Or let that StripaGram girl in?
tonyboy, Mar 15 2006

       It should open, but they're met with a wall of red brick.
Laimak, Mar 16 2006

       StripaGram girl: "She came in through the bathroom window." Deliveries: caesarean, of course.
elhigh, Mar 16 2006

       This reminds me of a rumor circulating my old elementary school about a door that opened into a brick wall.
jellydoughnut, Mar 19 2006


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