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Toilet Tape™

Just like police line tape but for the toilet bowl.
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I am often criticized by women for leaving the toilet seat up. I can understand that if you always use the toilet with the seat in the down position, it's easy to make the mistake of accidentally sitting on an unseated bowl.

So I propose a decal based warning system where red and yellow striped tape is applied to the rim of the bowl and the surface under the seat. That way if the man leaves it up, the woman has an immediate indication that it is still up.

Jscotty, Sep 29 2009


       Yes, it will say, "DO NOT SIT OR STAND HERE".
Jscotty, Sep 29 2009

       We call for fecal decal recall.   

       I never understood the whole leave the seat down thing. Both parties are responsible for remembering what they learned when they were two years old. When I've heard this in the past I resort to peeing in the sink. Concession usually follows.
daseva, Sep 29 2009

       I imagined this to be a roll of tape, much like that used at crime scenes, but instead of "Police" or "Crime Scene" it would say "I'd give it 10 minutes".
To be put across the doorway should the need arise!
MikeOliver, Sep 29 2009

       Get a cat and then you *have* to keep both lids/seats down. (Cats drink even if you don't think they do, we have secret spies who have told us so.)   

       It's always best to switch over these hotly contested household battles, to a third, relatively indifferent party, or pussy, so to speak.
blissmiss, Sep 29 2009

       "indifferent pussy"   

       that phrase got me. To annotate, I mean.
neelandan, Sep 30 2009

       Yep; I like this idea. An alarm and a flashing light would help!
vincevincevince, Sep 30 2009

       Women are annoyed not by the chance they might fall in, but by the inherent "maleness" of a lifted toilet seat. It's a bit like her leaving a pink teddy bear on the bed. Placing hazard tape on your toilet rim is such an inherently male thing to do that it will infuriate her much more.   

wagster, Sep 30 2009

       A little. "Love is..." fridge magnets have the same effect.
wagster, Sep 30 2009

       Go passive aggressive. Put the seat down but make sure the lid goes down as well.
sprogga, Sep 30 2009

       And tape the lid down?
pocmloc, Sep 30 2009

       Alternatively the seat could have a painted or printed striped warning decal note on the top visible only when it is in the down position, saying 'Caution if this seat is left in the down position it may possibly be concealing some urine contamination on the rim underneath'.   

       Then if enough of these seats were installed in enough places it could soon become socially unacceptable for anyone including males to leave seats in anything but the up position.
bhumphrys, Sep 30 2009


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