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Whoopee Shin Guards

soccer levity
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This amusing gag will liven up any World Cup final. Hidden with the shin guards of every 'team-clown' is a suitable fashioned thin air-bag in red rubber. When kicked by an opponent, an unexpected 'parp!' noise is heard, causing hilarity amongst players and umpires alike as to who may have let one off.

Detecting the 'team-clown' can be difficult, but the oversized pantaloons is usually a dead give-away.

benfrost, Jun 11 2006


       I always thought they should act in the same way as the spring loaded bumpers do on a pinball table.   

       As all games involving the pointless movement of a ball around, in front of a large audience of dim-wits, are clearly the preserve of those of a be-feebled intellect, this is an entirely appropriate idea .+
xenzag, Jun 11 2006

       While I'm not in the camp that thinks soccer needs improving, I think it would be fun to have martial arts sound-tracks for the games, so every impact with ball or player is accompanied by grunts, screams, whoopee cushion noises, etc.
DrCurry, Jun 11 2006

       Include umbrellas and I will happily furnish You with yet, another bun.[+]
skinflaps, Jun 11 2006


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