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Tricycle Alarm

Fun for ages 2-102
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Children sure are growing up faster these days, aren't they? Younger and younger, they want allowances, bank accounts, internet connections, designer clothing. They are learning money skills, telephone skills, playing house and doctor and grown-up and shopping, and doing all the things adults do. Even driving: their little tricycles around on the driveway -- awww, how cute.

I think little kids would get a kick out of a tricycle alarm. They'd have to turn it off before they got on their tricycle (it'd come with a little touchpad where they have to enter the code). It would go Wheeeeeeeep! Wheeeeeeeeeep! Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo! Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz! just like a real, grown-up car alarm. It would have a flashing light when they set it. They'd enjoy the cozy feeling of security that no one else could ride their trike (subsumed by the greater comfortable feeling of safety of having a warm, watchful parent or teacher looking after them and protecting them against all of the other dangers in the world). Obnoxious little girls would share their codes with each other, and wouldn't let their enemies know what they are, and then they would giggle.

Yes, adults would perhaps find these alarms a big pain in the spot where the sun don't shine, but it's important that children, at a young age, begin to learn about the issues that will affect them when they are adults.

phundug, Jun 06 2003

(?) keypad bicycle alarm http://shop.store.y...protectitalarm.html
not specifically marketed for trikes, but this would be perfect if it came in pink... [footzilla, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

MyScene Barbie http://www.masterco...barbie/myscene1.jpg
[footzilla, Jun 12 2005]

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       As long as the alarm wasn't too loud it sounds like a good idea. (hell, if they can sell barbie dolls modeled after todays "club scene" I don't see why this product wouldn't sell)
mbracke, Jun 08 2003

       Got a link for that, [mbracke]?
snarfyguy, Jun 08 2003

       Here's your link [link]. Only took 3 years. Complete with gold disco ball. MDMA sold separately.
footzilla, Jun 12 2005


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