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"Your show's about to start" alert

The next evolutionary step in viewing pleasure
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A service offered by your TV provider that calls you on your cell phone to give you a reminder an hour before your show starts, in case you forgot about it, to give you time to get to get home (or the nearest TV). If you don't answer, it leaves a voice message. Costs $1.00 per reminder, added to your next bill.
21 Quest, Sep 23 2007


       Sounds good [+]. Might it also offer text messages as well?

       <off topic> Is your username by any chance from the 50 Cent song 21 Questions? <ot>
acurafan07, Sep 23 2007

       Ya got the name right, by I'm not familiar with the song. 'bout time somebody guessed it right, too. I've gotten just about every "21" and "Quest" reference that ever existed in thought or reality. Bun for you! (wait a minute.... never mind)
21 Quest, Sep 23 2007

       So, you are or aren't you 50cent? That would be so cool if 50 was a baker!
daseva, Sep 24 2007

       I'm a radio presenter. There have been times when a "Your show's about to start" alert would have come in very handy...
Fishrat, Sep 24 2007

       //So, you are or aren't you 50cent?//

       If I was 50 Cent, and hung with the likes of Busta Rymes and Eminem, and got a kick out of dissing Ja Rul, would I be unfamiliar with that song?
21 Quest, Sep 24 2007

       Yeah, you right. Ja's a lil bitch. Great idea, fitty! [+]
daseva, Sep 24 2007

       yourtv.com.au will send you an email x minutes before your show will begin. Combine that with a blackberry service and here is your reminder.
sprogga, Sep 24 2007

       a dollar per reminder seems kinda steep. Maybe a package deal, like 4 for a dollar.
rascalraidex, Sep 24 2007

       Or something like 4 for 4 dollars.
acurafan07, Sep 24 2007

       Ah, I see! Fifty cent promised to retire if his last album didn't outsell Kanye West's. It didn't. Welcome to your retirement Fifty! Oh [+] for the idea even though as [rascalraidex] said - One dollar per message! - Get outta here!
the dog's breakfast, Sep 24 2007

       [50 Cent] //...would I be unfamiliar with that song?// - you might pretend to be unfamiliar with it if you didn't want everyone to know your true identity.
hippo, Sep 24 2007

       <Whisper> Tivo </W>
bleh, Sep 24 2007

       What is this? 1975? Just record the show. You do have a DVR, or VCR, don't you?
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 24 2007

       So you think I'm 50 Cent, huh? Ok, I can roll with that. Although this means you can never be allowed to see what I look like. I'll have to show up at Halfcons in a ski-mask.
21 Quest, Sep 24 2007

       Well, that "Bulletproof" videogame was pretty halfbaked.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 24 2007

       Haven't played it... but I 'hear' designing it was pretty fun.
21 Quest, Sep 24 2007

       Happy to say this is Baked now, in a way. I get Google alerts in the form of a push notification when a new episode of a show I follow comes out, usually the day before. Yay capitalism!
21 Quest, Aug 16 2023


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