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Variable Sized Sugars

One to three teaspoon sugar packets
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Where I work, there is a bowl full of packets of sugar next to the coffee pot. They are all of a standard size -- one teaspoon, I think.

Many of my coworkers have the ability to take two or more packets of sugar, open them simultaneously, and pour them into their coffee, without spilling any sugar. I, on the other hand, lack such ability. If i try to do such a thing, I end up with lots of spilt sugar. Thus, I am forced to add sugar to my coffee one packet at a time.

I propose that sugar packets come in 1, 2, and 3 teaspooon sizes. A box of packets would have a few of each size. Thus, people like me could grab one packet of the right size, open it, and add it to the coffee, with minimal spillage.

goldbb, Apr 04 2009

The_20Chiral_20Cafe [hippo, Apr 07 2009]

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       line up the 3 packets, grasp by the top, snap them to put all the sugar into the bottom of the packets, tear all open, pour, grin smugly.
FlyingToaster, Apr 04 2009

       You could just invent a small perforating wheel, like a can opener, that makes the original packets easier to tear.
Nelipot, Apr 05 2009

       bigsleep, the only left-handed sugars I could find on the internet are sugar-like chemicals whose chemical structures are mirror images of regular sugars.   

       Or are you suggesting the type of left handed sugar that one puts in a left handed teacup?   

       21Q, So I should buy sugar packets from other countries, then? :)   

       Besides, I would expect that in any one box of sugar packets, no matter what country it's sold in, all the packets within that box will be the same size.
goldbb, Apr 06 2009

       Would these be clearly labeled, perhaps emblazoned with a large digit in a stylish font, indicating the number of teaspoons contained? Or perhaps they could be called singles, doubles, etc., something of this nature.
tatterdemalion, Apr 06 2009

       [bigsleep] (see link)
hippo, Apr 07 2009

       why can't sweet coffee be grown that requires no sugar?
vfrackis, Apr 10 2009


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