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X-Ray Pornography

More explicit than conventional porno
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In the search for ever-kinkier, extreme, in-your-face thrills, I propose x-ray depictions of people posed provocatively or engaged in sexual acts. Such depictions would provide extra stimulation for the jaded and weary pornography consumers who have seen it all before
snarfyguy, Sep 04 2001

"Magnetic resonance imaging of male and female genitals during coitus and female sexual arousal" http://www.bmj.com/.../full/319/7225/1596
...as published in the highly respected British Medical Journal. Very interesting reading. [hippo, Sep 04 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) The Operation http://www.strokema.../6-98/operation.php
Infrared porn "independent film" (which I managed to find a copy of...) [omegatron, Aug 06 2006]

(???) X-ray porn http://www.georgeto...ge-Library/Delvoye/
Delvoye's X-ray porn images [omegatron, Aug 06 2006]

(?) Review, background on Wim Delvoye http://www.speronew...ord.html?record=192
The conceptual artist behind the X-ray images above. [jutta, Aug 06 2006]

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phoenix, Sep 04 2001

       Pornstar dies of radiation poisoning.   

       Hottest teen gall bladders and lower intestines on the net - CLICK HERE!
benfrost, Sep 04 2001

       Barium deep, eh?
The Military, Sep 05 2001

       It's funny that you should link to the BMJ, hippo. I was going to mention that one of my mates swears by the Medical Press as the most reliable source of pornography.
I try not to sit too close to him when he mounts
<cough!> that particular hobby horse.
DrBob, Sep 05 2001

       They allude in the paper to 'performance' problems - "Eight women had a complete sexual response during sexual stimulation (experiments 4-11) and these women described their orgasm as 'superficial.'" - probably something to do with being inside a scanner and having lots of people watching...
hippo, Sep 05 2001

       I must have pioneered this - women have always seen through me.
fretzman, Sep 05 2001

       X-ray images are produced by radiation photons interacting with human tissue. The emergent beam is differentially attenuated according to the type of tissue it passes through. Bone attenuates the beam much more than soft structures (liver, kidney, dangly appendages - soft or otherwise). It is this attenuation which gives the resultant image contrast and density. I'm afraid if you tried to produce an X-ray image of a man and woman doing what comes naturally, all you would get would be a picture of two pelvises (pelves ?). However, I have in my collection (for teaching purposes you understand) many X-ray images of foreign objects which have been inserted into various orifices. There is a webite somewhere which shows work of a similar nature.
pussygalore, Sep 05 2001

       [UnaBubba] Ha Ha Ha.
[pussygalore] That's why I was advocating MRI -a more subtle scanning technology. See link.
hippo, Sep 06 2001

       hippo...MRI does not use X-radiation, it uses a magnet and radio waves. Perhaps your title should read "magnetic Pornography"?
pussygalore, Sep 06 2001

       CAT scan seems appropriate seeing as how it's about some small cuddly furry domesticated animal
thumbwax, Sep 06 2001

       [pussygalore] It's [snarfguy]'s idea, not mine.
hippo, Sep 07 2001

       I apologise, hippo.
pussygalore, Sep 07 2001

       pussygalore: I understand your point, but the idea was for x-ray pornography, not MRI pornography.
snarfyguy, Sep 07 2001

       Peter, that picture is phony. The story may not be, but I think it is from the tone...I've seen it on websites before. <Along with real ones...>
StarChaser, Sep 08 2001

       The MRI article says the idea originally came from seeing a scan of someone's throat and head while vocalizing a certain sound. Of course, this suggests a further possibility...could MRI analysis help us understand the techniques behind successful "deep-throating" and make it more widely available?
scottinmn, Oct 18 2002

       //dies of radiation poisoning//
As I understand it overexposure to X-rays causes you to die of cancer, not radiation poisoning. Radiation poisoning comes from radioactive substances which have toxic effects. Radiation from particles causes cancer.
CrumbsDM, Oct 19 2002

       I've seen this in the last 2-3 days. There was a x-ray image taken of a person sucking . . . well, take your pick of male appendages. . . another. They call it art, not pornography.
architerra, Mar 08 2003

       Picture Link: "This is a picture of two skeletons standing close to one another, can you guess what they are really doing with their flesh and blood? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT"
jeffman, Jul 24 2003

       Am I rich yet?
snarfyguy, Jul 24 2003

       This, believe it or not, is baked.   


       Caution, the link's explicit (Uh, sort of. If you're a skeleton I guess.)
Madcat, Jul 24 2003

       There's a link function up above that allows you to insert a functioning hyperlink. You can edit your annotation and move the link.
snarfyguy, Jul 24 2003

       + It was a good idea, you may want to do some other frequency of waves like gamma ray porn or something like that. It could be porn photography and birth control at the same time.
sartep, Jul 24 2003

       I also saw a picture of a rather rotund man photographed by terahertz radiation, which allows you to see through clothing... I can't find it now, though.
omegatron, Aug 06 2006

       I'm not entirely sure why you would want to.
hidden truths, Aug 06 2006


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