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Your cat and fish feed each other while you're on vacation.

Buy a doz guppies when you buy fishfood.
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You simply find a way to suspend an open tube of fish food, upside down, above your aquarium. Cats love to play and will smack the container around, scattering food for the fish. When the fish feed at the surface they will be available to your cat. Of course this is assuming that you have a smart cat and dumb fish.
outloud, Oct 22 2009

Hungry Hungry Hippo http://en.wikipedia...ungry_Hungry_Hippos
[normzone, Oct 22 2009]

Poor Marie http://lyrics.files...,Marie-Provost.html
"Marie Provost" [normzone, Oct 23 2009]

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       how long are you going for?
po, Oct 22 2009

       sp. "you're", "course"   

       you might have to train your cat to play with fish food containers, or put something fuzzy over it. Or, dangle it from a string. My cat tends to attack anything that has a string anywhere on it.   

       Welcome, by the way!
CaptainClapper, Oct 22 2009

       How about an entire domestic ecosystem?
nineteenthly, Oct 22 2009

       And when you get back to an empty fridge, you can eat the cat and the remaining fish.   

       (sorry, [po])
wagster, Oct 22 2009

       // I mean really, what's the point of having fish if you're going to feed them to your cat?//   

       I can see we have very different approaches to life.
wagster, Oct 22 2009

       hey, wags - needs must! wouldn't eat fluffy though <spits out furball>
po, Oct 22 2009

       You would need to match the rate of reproduction to the rate of consumption, but it could be done. In a way, it's being cruel to be kind because otherwise the fish would starve, rot and poison the tank for the others.
nineteenthly, Oct 22 2009

       and of course, the dog can eat the catpoop. Ahhhh... harmony.
daseva, Oct 22 2009

       // sp. "you're"//   

       No, sp. "your".
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 22 2009

       Sounds good at first glance, but then the cat gets tired of the taste of minnow, and bored with batting the fish food container.   

       You come home to starved dead stinky fish and angry emaciated cat.
normzone, Oct 22 2009

       My cat would just eat the fish food.
sninctown, Oct 23 2009

       // // sp. "you're"//
No, sp. "your".// Second your in title, not first
vincevincevince, Oct 23 2009

       My cat would eat the fish and the fish food, then drop the fish food container in the dog's bed so the dog gets the blame.
Twizz, Oct 23 2009

       I think the fish would get overfed in our house.
RayfordSteele, Oct 23 2009

       Thanks for the welcome Capt.   

       How about an entire domestic ecosystem? — nineteenthly, Oct 22 2009   


       It could proceed as far as your imagination takes you. You might set your houseplants within the splash area that the cat makes around the fish tank. The cat waters the plants and the dog chews fur balls and drinks from the toilet. Don't even tell me that YOUR dog would never drink from the toilet. They all do. After a week's vacation, you would no doubt be amazed at the survival skills that would develop, out of necessity, of your pets.
outloud, Oct 23 2009

       Poor Marie (link).
normzone, Oct 23 2009

       Good choice of music, normzone.
DrBob, Oct 26 2009

       Friend of mine had 2 piranha fish. He went on a holiday and released a bag of goldfish in the piranha tank. When he came home after 10 days he still had one piranha.
aermar, Nov 11 2010

       Reminds me of that woman I used to work with who had a pet boa constrictor and the cutest little white mice -- not pets -- which she had to replace regularly.
mouseposture, Nov 12 2010


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