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lose the motor and go for articulated mounts.
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Instead of going for the 0.05% of the 1%, see link. A scaled down flight simulator as a washing machine would be perfect.

A drum, with a series of pistons around the rim and some underneath, could be control in various ways to shake the water and washing inside.

Programming the motion would allow the standard spin up of the water like hula hooping. A judder motion could be sent through the clothes. Even a dolphin jump. This is where the water is forced against one side and leaps up and out. the machine quickly moves horizontally and catches the water/clothes against the other side.

Watching the washing machine will never be the same.

wjt, Oct 21 2016

Prior stimulus identically_20sized...d_20engine_20mounts
Nice but not that visual. [wjt, Oct 21 2016]

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       //the water is forced against one side and leaps up and out// Not sure the water "leaping out" is a desirable feature of a washing machine.
pocmloc, Oct 22 2016

       All down to how good the programing is. Air washed.
wjt, Oct 22 2016


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