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steering wheel odometer

do you do a good turn?
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It would be interesting to know much turning you are doing in relation to distance moved.

Details: Probably a magnetic moving in a coiled tube inside the steering wheel. Mapping the voltage produced to calculate distance of motion. Or a cog system off steering column such that no matter which turn direction a counter is turned.

wjt, Nov 11 2009


wagster, Nov 11 2009

       Incentive to wiggle along the motorway [+]
pocmloc, Nov 11 2009

       This could also be used to calculate distance traveled with more accuracy, since tires turn more per distance in a turn than in a straight line. Right? Did I dream that? Oh well, whatever +
daseva, Nov 11 2009

       [daseva] From my limited reading, the odometer is off the transmission output and before the differentials. In a turn, the outside wheel is more and the inner wheel is less with respect to the transmission output.   

       If you lived on a ring road, drove on the left and turned left at your gate to go home via why you were travelling in the first place then the right sided wheels will do more distance than the left sided ones.   

       Technically, the kids playing 'driver' in the shopping center car park will clock up distance on the steering wheel even with no forward motion at all.
wjt, Nov 12 2009

       Could use this as a record of your ability to parallel park...
Jinbish, Nov 13 2009

       An instrument panel with multiple dials offers real-time readout of current steer angle, rate of change, recent average time between left and right steers, recent maximum left and right angles, recent average deflection each side of straight etc. A paper reel can have a trace pen output as well. And there can be a blurtooth interface for downloading all the data for even more detailed post-drive analysis.
pocmloc, Nov 13 2009


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