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Micky Dread

So there I was, trying to figure out how planes flew, Yeah! lots of Bernoulli n' stuff. But then I spotted the Bakery, so heres the canundrum, Bernoulli or Bakery..Guess who lost.

[Dec 11 2003, last modified Aug 10 2005]
(+3) Air Bag Suit
 Auto Colour Tie
(+2) Car Lamp Test
 Car Suspension/drive
(+1, -2) City Nav
(+2, -1) Compact Vibro
(+1) Copier/Printer/Shredder
 Crease Divider
(+2) Disco Vibro
(-2) Exploding Collision Cars
(-2) Helium Lager
(+3) Helter Skelter Stairs
(+1) Induction Coffee Cup
(+1) Magnificaisle
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) "Mech Warrior" Shoes
(+1) Nasal Alcometer
(+2) Neon Sign
(+4, -1) No Shelf Supermarket
(+3) One DVD Two Movies
 Personal Indicators
(+3, -2) Privacy Chair
(+2) Programmable Speaking Clock
(+8, -2) Really Really smart Remote Control
 Rifle Sight
(-1) Solar Water Distiller
 Space Watch
(+2) Swiss army tie
 Tabletop Semaphore
 Thruster Jet Phone
(+15, -5)(+15, -5) Toilet Light
 Tsunami Urinal
(+1) Ultrasonic Vacuum
(+1) Weed Spray

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