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Let's see where this takes us ... =)

[Apr 16 2003, last modified May 20 2005]
(+6, -1) Automate Your Cellphone
(+4) Better Sprinkler Head
(+1, -4) Cavity-Free Grillz
 Domain Name SMART Search
(+6, -1) Extensive Video Controls for All Web Videos
(+5) Game: 1950-60's Actor
(+2, -3) iPhone/iPod Better Keyboard
(+2, -4) Live Broadcast, Diff. Locations, 1 Chatroom
 Living Image Arise!
(+9, -3) Make Money from Your Online TV!
(+7, -1) Map-Dabbler
 Mobile Classified Ads
 Music Matching Social Network
(+5, -2) Online Scrapyard Store
 Photoshop Layer History
(+2) Picasso FoodFight Recipes!
(+43)(+43)(+43) Quick, Hide the Body!
(+4, -1) Rock-band Cellphone
(+6, -1) Room Wrecker
 Safe Storage for Text Messages
(+6) SMS Gambling for Prizes
(+5, -1) The "What is That?" travel helper
(+3, -1) Video Effects on the Go
 Virtual "Customer's" PC
(+4, -1) Wedding on a Budget
(+1) Your Social Network Transplant

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