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Airport Lounge Drone Paintball Game

Well, everyone else is doing one.
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The answer to the problem.

An additional revenue stream for airports.

Keeps the kids happy while you wait for your flight.

Airports should deploy anti-drone drones with semi-automatic paintball guns mounted on them loaded with paint balls containing a fast setting rubber-based gunk to shoot down rogue airport-drones with.

The gunk is expected to weigh the drone down & gunk up it's propellers (get enough gunk on it & it falls out of the sky), a good shot might blind its cameras.

The control systems would be disguised as arcade games & placed at various points around the waiting lounges, this way the airports save on having to pay people to man their anti-drone drones & can actually charge people to man them for them.

If there's no rogue-drones minor game-points might be awarded for shooting pigeons instead.

High scorers might be awarded air-miles or free seat upgrades to add incentive.

Skewed, Jan 01 2019


       // rouge airport drones //   

       "Rouge" as in the type of face powder ?   

       Are you in some way seeking to elicit the LGBT croissant here ... ?
8th of 7, Jan 01 2019

       sp. corrected, any more in there?
Skewed, Jan 01 2019

       Yes, of course.   

       Is it the drones that are rogue, or the airports ?   

       You mean "rogue drones at airports", shirley ?
8th of 7, Jan 01 2019

       //Are you in some way seeking to elicit the LGBT croissant here//   

       Only the masochist subset of the LGBT croissant it seems, the ones that enjoy having their drone avatar covered in rubber gunk propelled by high speed paintball guns.
Skewed, Jan 01 2019

       Clearly the "D" in "BDSM" refers to "Drones".   

       As to the sticky rubber gunk ... we don't want to know.
8th of 7, Jan 01 2019

       //rogue drones at airports", shirley//   

       no, I meant "rogue airport-drones".
Skewed, Jan 01 2019

       //we don't want to know//   

       And yet you clearly do, anything you want to tell us about your weekend habits? :)
Skewed, Jan 01 2019

       What are the B, S, and M?
Voice, Jan 01 2019


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