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Skeet Defense

Like skeet, but with motivation.
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Skeet is fun because you can shoot stuff. Shooting at clay pigeons that come right at you would be exciting, but it would hurt if you miss and one hits you in the head, or hits your girlfriend whom you have brought along to impress by a gun-blazing display.

Water balloons are safer. In this contest, one initially protects a group of civilians being assaulted by various water balloon throwing devices - cannons, slingshots, catapults or what have you. Don't shoot the civilians! Actually they are a bunch of paper cutouts of movie actors so if you do you just have to pay a fine. In each level you will take on robots which throw differently.

After successfully defending the civilians the robots come for you and you must pick off incoming balloons. The challenge here is not to hit them too close or the water will still get you.

bungston, Nov 08 2010

Skeet got shot http://www.youtube....watch?v=lvDZT1HXu38
[jaksplat, Nov 14 2010]


       I'll get my ghillie suit.   

       [+] but request clarification- where does the paintball bit come in? Does this just refer to the type of shootin' iron?
jamobaker, Nov 11 2010

       /Paintball protectors/ Paintball - yes, good point. Originally this was to be done with paintballs. But real shotguns would be better. More boom, you know. I should have changed the title. I will change the title.
bungston, Nov 11 2010

       Just to get you to change the title again, shouldn't this be "Defense Skeet"? "Skeet Defense" brings up images of flinging clay pigeons at zombies.
baconbrain, Nov 11 2010

       I see the problem, though, with the title. This is more like paintball...combined with video game parts. Not much like skeet, which by definition, uses clay pigeons.   

       Actually, maybe the problem is in the description. Who, exactly, shoots back? Who are these 'civilians'? To whom do you pay the fine?   

       This just sounds like a video game, with real--or more real--weapons and setting. Sort of a WIBNI?
Boomershine, Nov 12 2010

       Apropos baconbrain's anno, I'm wondering whether this can be adapted to some sort of Zombie Apocalypse scenario, but at the moment i'm struggling to come up with a realistic mechanism of portraying the zombies short of just employing poor people to dress up and get shot. Anyway, +.
DrBob, Nov 12 2010

       // employing poor people to dress up and get shot. //   

       Why struggle ? If you shoot them, you don't have to pay them ...
8th of 7, Nov 14 2010

       [8th_of_7] Aren't you forgetting the weregild?
mouseposture, Nov 15 2010

       // i'm struggling to come up with a realistic mechanism of portraying the zombies short of just employing poor people to dress up and get shot.//   

       Yes, bloody zombie rights movements; can't even mow down the lawn now.
xxobot, Nov 17 2010


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