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Urban Paintball

In an ever-changing environment
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As I stared out of my city office window, it occurred to me how unsightly half-completed or deserted buildings are. Construction/property companies must know when a building is to be finished, or indeed, reoccupied.

With this in mind this space could be leased to urban paintball companies.

Naturally, dangerous areas (ie, lift shafts) would need to be securely barricaded off, but the general playing space, be it a multi-storey carpark, offices, night club etc, would provide an ever-changing and diverse environment for thrill seekers of the paint shooting variety.

No 'elite' paintballers can memorise maps if they don't know where they're going next.

kuupuuluu, Jul 24 2008

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       Well, you can put up all the barricades you want; it's going to get dangerous. Workers have a way of putting boards with nails in them levered on top of loosely balanced stacks of bricks in between panes of glass resting under buckets of broken bottles, etc... Fun, though. Without vacant lots my childhood would have been lost.
daseva, Jul 25 2008

       It's a good idea, difficult mostly from an insurance standpoint.   

       Why not take a large warehouse filled with modular 8 feet high walls, and ramps and stuff, and rearrange it every two weeks?   

       The cool thing is, you can manufacture the modular stuff and sell it to your franchisees. They can buy whatever fits their space and budget. You have done the insurance and legal footwork and have a relationship with an insurance company, so adding franchises is a relatively simple matter. That's also a big selling point to your franchise operators - plus you sell them the training and certification that your brand demands.
Xoebe, Jul 25 2008

       I think one should rent out an actual, in use office space and play paintball in there, DieHard style. The paintballs could be full of invisible ink that disappears after a few hours. The piantbull company could do a sort of desultory cleanup afterwards.
bungston, Jul 25 2008

       I like [bungston’s] idea. Except, in spite of the invisible ink, the office workers would know I’d been there by the overturned furniture and the boot print that decimated their keyboard.
CwP, Jul 27 2008

       Definately. But I suggest laser tag rather than paintball. Less mess to clear off the walls.   

       You could run whole Die Hard or Iranian Embassy seige reinactments.
acemcbuller, Jul 28 2008


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