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Maze Ball

Paintball in a maze
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I haven't heard of this being done.

Items needed :

A large wearhouse, A computer designed modular maze ( allows for quick reconfiguration ), 5 to 10 people to hide in the maze who will pop out or snipe and run harrasing your team to the end,and Various boobytraps ( paint mines..etc.)

The object is to get a team of 5 through this maze as fast as possible, and loosing as few team mates as possible. It a race against the clock,and a fight against a maze.

Mr_Turner, Apr 15 2006

they say this is a maze, but I'm not really sure if it's what you meant http://www.hotshots...tball.com/range.htm
ps- I don't play paintball, so I don't know for sure. [xandram, Apr 17 2006]


       I like it. Especially the boobytrap part. Hell, have enough fiendish and creative paint-booby-traps and you don't even need the snipers. Or maybe just have one dressed in a minotaur costume with horns which fire paintballs. The players have to stab it with their fake swords (which have paintballs on the end).
imaginality, Apr 17 2006

       I want to see a bunch of snake pits. But, instead of snakes, there are paintballs.
daseva, Apr 17 2006

       I've played paintball both professionally and recreationally for many many years and I've spent many many years hating mazes.   

       I just can't see either adding up. You substantially increase the risk of injury putting players in narrow spaces with no where to go. Also - how would you ref a game like that?
Letsbuildafort, Apr 17 2006

       CQCB would take some tinkering with the the guns to lower the muzzel velocity to just above breaking strength of the average paint ball, extra armor might also be need do to the close range. Re: ( Letsbuildafort)   

       No a true maze Re:(Xandram)
Mr_Turner, Apr 17 2006

       A false maze? I've heard of those...
daseva, Apr 17 2006

       [Mr_Turner] I will delete the link if you'd like. I didn't want to post something bogus, but they called it a Maze.
xandram, Apr 17 2006

       I'm ok with any link you want to put up.(Xandram)   

       Ok I know my meaning wasn't clear ( false maze LOL) in the link Xandram provided it wasn't a traditional maze. See link. http://www.gwydir.demon.co.uk/ jo/maze/romanw.gif   

       ( GumBob)
Mr_Turner, Apr 18 2006


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