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Paintball Waterloo Re-Enactment

just like it sounds
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This is a pretty straightforward idea, but I could not find it on the HB or in my cursory Google. One would re-enact Waterloo and possibly Civil War battles using paintball weapons. To make it accurate:

1: Muzzle-loader single-shot paintball guns. You would want to make it just as cumbersome as it was for the soldiers of that era.

2. Paint bayonets (infantry) and sabres (cavalry) etc. As described under Medieval Paintball here, and related ideas.

3. Huge balloon tire ATVs. This is my substitute for cavalry and is probably the only real innovation here. Cavalry was important at Waterloo, but you can't have real horses in a paintball game. The balloon tires are so opponents can be run over with minimal real damage to them. On the balloon tires, the rider would be as far off the ground as if he were on a horse. I can imagine being a paintball warrior with one shot in the gun, facing a wall of balloon tire ATVs bearing down on me. The urge to break and run would be strong, which is how cavalry was effective against infantry.

4. Paintball cannon - nothing new here.

5. Appropriate landscape to match real battlefield.

bungston, Jul 07 2006

Medieval paintball Medieval_20Paintball
[bungston, Jul 07 2006]


       Do it with stick horses instead. Real horses won't charge a properly formed infantry square but a bunch of guys on ATVs would do it in a heartbeat.   

       Also I think the melee paint weapon thing needs work. Or perhaps a different method than paint? Painballers are generally trusted to acknowlege hits so why not just use SCA type rules whereby if you feel the hit, you're hit?
strange606, Jul 07 2006

       We actually played a round of "Gettysburg rules" when I was in a team-building exercise at a paintball field. (I love my job !) We had to leave off our hopper magazines and hand-load individual rounds into the breech. It was fun - I shot a guy in the head from about 60 m.
strange606, Jul 07 2006

       [strange] i've always called it civil war rules. it is a fun way to play though, and it takes the advantage away from players with high rates of fire.
tcarson, Jul 08 2006

       i'm curious as to which civil war you are referring to that is 400 years past [boysparks].
tcarson, Jul 09 2006

       Clue: somewhere on the right-hand side of the Atlantic.
DrCurry, Jul 09 2006

       ah, i live in an area where little is older than about a hundred and fifty.
tcarson, Jul 09 2006


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