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Cold-war paintball

Full scale-all out-no holds barred-industrial scale- paintball
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I know, I know, it has MFD and echo (Mediaeval paintball) written all over it, but I just couldn't resist.

In the middle of the night, on an airstrip somewhere, a small fleet of forest-fire fighting planes is fueled up and loaded to maximum capacity with paint. A little after midnight they head off into a moonless sky, to unload their cargo on the sleepy neighbourhoods of their unsuspecting rivals a few hours later...

Ehrm, Oct 07 2005


       Since I never saw what this is echoing I like it. The image of a few small planes taking off, watched by a russian general is too much.
Germanicus, Oct 07 2005

       full scale all-out no-holds-barred industrial-scale paintball?   


       is that it? no hamsters?   

       find the difference - prize possible.   

       but unlikely...
po, Oct 07 2005

       Cold war paintball: two teams play. Each team stocks as many paintballs as they can. Then they make bigger guns and bigger paintballs, then they go on to make paint bombs, they follow up with paint nuclear bombs. Then they sign agreements to destroy their weapons of mass painting. That team wins that gets the most evidence of the other team's stash not being properly destroyed.   

       Now that would have gotten my bun.
zeno, Oct 08 2005

       maybe world war paintball there wasnt really that much fighting in the cold war
seventhinline, Oct 09 2005

       Maybe they can paint bomb Nebraska for us. I second [zeno]'s idea.
hidden truths, Oct 09 2005

       You could keep in reserve some massive paintballs, filled with Daz - the Ultimate Detergent.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Oct 09 2005

       The domesday washing machine?
wagster, Oct 09 2005


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