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Paintball on ice

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basically you skate on a large ice rink with paintball guns and shoot people. thats about it.
Jammer, Feb 02 2006

Iceball http://splatbrothers.com/iceball.htm
Looks like fun. [Shz, Feb 02 2006]

The end result? http://www.harbin-i...ingdengbolanhui.jpg
[DrCurry, Feb 07 2006]


       A tactical protocol error and not a good way to endear yourself to the halfbakery userbase.
bristolz, Feb 02 2006

       I renamed the idea, to fix the obvious typo, as we moderators do (only in the idea names). Nobody deleted and reposted anything. Put down that torch ... that's very good ... yes, *and* the pitchfork... Now, who's up for some hot chocolate?   

       Generally, if you think someone is being unfair, just send email to bakesperson. If you're wrong, nobody hears about it; if you're right, there's often some way of addressing the problem directly.   

       So, sorry for the misunderstanding my behind-the-scenes editing seems to have caused!
jutta, Feb 02 2006

       Most great apologies. Must remain neutral, as this is baked.
DesertFox, Feb 02 2006

       thx for the link Shz. But they are'n using skates.
Jammer, Feb 05 2006

       I wish I knew what happened here.
bristolz, Feb 05 2006

       Sounds like a heap load of fun to me so I'll give you a bun. I don't think all those fishbones have anything to do with the idea as such.
crash, Feb 05 2006

       Why are there so many paintball ideas on the main page? Is this the new "custard-filled" fad?
notmarkflynn, Feb 05 2006

       Custard-filed is not a fad, it is an article of faith.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 05 2006

       I'm sorry, but I custard-filed my homework, and now the pages are all stuck together.
jutta, Feb 05 2006

       Custard-filled paintballs?
notmarkflynn, Feb 06 2006

       Painful AND delicious!
PollyNo9, Feb 07 2006


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