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Leslie Tremulant Earmuffs

Spinning ear trumpets
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The Leslie Tone Cabinet(often heard with a Hammond organ) plays sound through a spinning horn, resulting in a tremulant effect. Both the amplitude and pitch are modulated together, and the sound seems to be spinning around you as it is projected toward—and reflects off—different parts of the room.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could experience this type of sound modulation all the time? Well, now you can with Leslie Tremulant Earmuffs!

Each muff is equipped with a horn, similar to “ear trumpets” that hard-of-hearing people used to use, but smaller, and with a right-angle bend. The small end points toward your ear. The whole horn is driven by a motor, but the small end doesn’t move because it is at the axis of spin. The big end moves around sweeping out a vertical circle.

There are two speeds, slow and fast, which you can select from via a switch mounted on the head band. The motors for both ears are powered by two C cells, also mounted on the head band.

Stuck in a lecture or meeting with boring people droning on and on? Just flip on your Leslie Tremulant Earmuffs!

AO, Apr 04 2003

Leslie Tone Cabinet http://theatreorgan...doodlin/leslie.html
A little background for those not familiar with these things. (Includes a diagram). [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Instead of horns, just use small fans. This will give you a similar effect to the Leslie Tone Cabinet (pedant on the name). Needs to be speed switchable.
waugsqueke, Apr 04 2003

       Pedantry taken to heart. Do you think fans would give the same directional effect as horns?
AO, Apr 04 2003

       Cool link, Rods. I'm gonna have to order that CD. I'm quite fond of the organ trio sound, my current favorite of this type is a band called Soulive, who are about to release a new live album next week.
krelnik, Apr 04 2003


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