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DJ Rappin' Cap

A cap you can play records on with the 'hood
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This innovative device is much like a normal cap but a record sits on top of it. A spinning device with needle and side mounted speakers provides the beat, while a microphone attaches to the nose so you can bust rhymes.

But how to scratch? Well, if you grap hold of the brim of your cap at the preferred moment, and twist it sideways - the needle will scratch back and forth following this movement.

A hit at parties!

benfrost, Oct 03 2001


       Have you USED turntables? Without perfect balance the swingarm will move and scratch the fuck out of the stylus and the record! NOOOOOOO!

However, the thought of people twisting their hat to the side to scratch made me laugh.

As an added bonus, say this idea name quick and it sounds like "DJ Rappenkapp," or even "DJ Rap n' Cap."
AfroAssault, Oct 03 2001


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