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Ear Muff Headphones

Ear Muffs with headphones in them!
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Its bloody freezing here in London and walking about with my ears on show is not funny - so - you take a pair of normal ear muffs -you know the furry things however enclosed inside are headphones which conect to your MD player or walkman thus keeping your ears warm and giving you lovely music to add spring to your step - available in camoflage, burbury or baby blue - other colours optional
bigkingchay, Dec 17 2001


       add nose bag - heaven
po, Dec 17 2001

       The inside-ear type of headphones are earmuff-compatible anyway. Alternatively, get a pair of big studio-type headphones. These are earmuff-like and will both keep your ears warm and prevent your music from leaking out and making those around you on the subway want to stab you.
Monkfish, Dec 17 2001

       Another idea would be to combine hearing protector earmuffs and walkman headphones. That's one thing I hate about doing yard work with power equipment, I can't listen to my walk man while wearing hearing protection at the same time.
Cynically Depressed, Dec 19 2001

       add rose-coloured glasses - extra heavenly
bluerowan, Dec 21 2001

       I just saw hearing protector headphones with a audio input plug in a Radio Shack flyer ($70). I also had the though that they must have these for people in noisy enviroments who also have to communicate by radio (i.e Airport workers, steel mill workers).
Cynically Depressed, Dec 30 2001

       this is the very first thing i baked, back in 1984. i imagined them with foam noise dampeners spiking out on each side, punky like. the idea was to not only insulate the ears from the cold, but from the surrounding noise, so your music would sound better. and if you played a blank tape, you could enjoy such complete silence that you could do cube roots in your head.

i thought this was such a brilliant idea that i made an appointment with the Invention Submission Corporation (cleveland office) after seeing a tv ad aimed at folks such as i. i went down there and filled out a "confidential" form with a sketch and all. they told me, "we like your idea. we think it's a good. first, we need a couple thousand dollars to do market and product research."

when i told them i was only the ideaman, a clever student with no money, they asked if my parents could spot me. i said they couldnt. then the ISC asked if my grandparents could pay!

and then i understood the business of the invention submission corporation.
gnormal, Jan 02 2002

       My God, yes. I've wanted ear muff headphones ever since I either dreamt about them or actually saw/heard of them - I'm not sure which. I've trawled the net and have only discovered something called the 'Arctic 180' or 'Earwarmers 180' which fit round the back of your head and have cavities inside for earphones, but they are pretty horrid. I want lovely fluffy proper earmuffs, which double as headphones. I suppose I will have to try and make them, by buying ordinary headphones and buying some material to fit round them.
hollycaldera, Feb 05 2003

       Those big stereo head phones that cover your whole ear keep my ears worm around the house
ryansmodernlife, Feb 06 2003

       this isn't too hard to do. just but some cheap headphones, some cheap earmuffs and take the plastic casing off of the headphones and then stick them to the inside of the earmuffs with some knid of adhesive that actually holds on to cloth.
trickstar66, Jan 02 2004

       You can fit the hook-over-the-ear-style earphones along with wool socks into those big airport-style hearing protectors. Also you could put sneaky hidden video cams in the hearing protectors too and take video of all the people you interact with in your new ear-warm and sound-rich inner world.
JesusHChrist, Apr 12 2005

       Baked -- my Sony MDR-CD180 headphones are so hot I can only wear them a half hour at a time without having to turn the airconditioner on and take a break. :)
Chrontius, Apr 13 2005


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