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Grilly Willy Stress Sausage

Cross your legs, lads.
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A pork-product food item, made in the image of a male erm.. member.

For all those women (or men) who want to take out their aggression against the man (or men) who done them wrong.

Differing levels of agression/frustration can be reflected in the treatment of the sausage. A light toasting for slight miffedness, a thorough grilling for major grudges, barbecue incineration for "they're-all-b*stards-style hate binge.

And, of course, think of the symbolic and theraputic possibilities of cutting, chewing etc.

squeak, May 02 2003

(???) Martian Eye Popper http://www.funforal..._popping_thing.html
I think an inappropriately shaped version of this would release more stress. And may well exist (can't go looking from here). [DrCurry, Oct 21 2004]


ato_de, May 02 2003

       Exactly [drcurry]. It enables women or men, depending on your orientation, can relieve stress without actually causing any harm to the swine and without being arrested for practicing anger management. Pacifist peperoni , if you will. Think of it as an edible version of those Manager-shaped punch bags.
squeak, May 02 2003

       You're obviously a male squeak.
waugsqueke, May 02 2003

       No comment [waugs)
squeak, May 02 2003

       Perhaps someone toasted squeak's sausage, hence the name.
DrCurry, May 02 2003

       not too sure about the category.   

       is there a veggie option for religious or other reasons?
po, May 02 2003

       Why is the shape inappropriate, [DrC]?
bristolz, May 02 2003

       bris: as in "inappropriate content". Politically incorrect, if you will. Or anatomically correct, if you're really being a stickler.
DrCurry, May 02 2003

       aint he coy? makes me want to pat him on the head and give him a sugar lump.
po, May 02 2003

       I've found that a warm banana fritter fits the bill.
Helium, May 02 2003

       Obligatory yes, we have no bananas today Post
thumbwax, May 03 2003

       Boasting again.
egbert, Jun 11 2003

       Well [po]. I would have to market a non-pork, circumcised version to cater for some people's religious leanings, but vegetarians?   

       A strategically whittled courgette? It just wouldn't look right.   

       Much as I'd hate to, I suppose I'd have to resort to the Linda McCartney option.
Quorn balls anyone? Tofu todger? No? Y'sure now?
Ah well, all the more for me

       I still can't believe this got (fish)boned. I thought it would be my moment of glory. I may need counseling.
squeak, Oct 01 2003

       I voted for. [squeak] I can give you my shrinks number if you want.
nichpo, Oct 01 2003

       Aw.I always like you [nichpo]. Aint you sweet.
squeak, Oct 01 2003

       (blush) shucks (stares at shoes in embarresment)
nichpo, Oct 01 2003


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