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Anti-stress phone.

Essential Office Equipment. Probably...
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The stress phone, a one-piece foam handset with 'memory' effect. If you're calling an angry customer of simply dealing with telemarketers from the comfort of your home, relieve your stress by squeezing, hammering or kicking the bejesus out of the 'Stressphone'!!

All circuitry, speakers etc. will be supersmall and encased in shockproof material. The handset can be thrown against walls in frustration - and survive! (All componentry made of the same stuff as Cabbage Patch dolls. Hey, they survive plane crashes don't they?)

Technology can be used in Mobile-phones, Cordless phones and Walkie-talkies!

Kettch, Jan 14 2001

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Radio version of the above for those fed up with today's' "journalists" [supercat, Jan 14 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]




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