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Chewable Computer

Inflatable, water resistant etc...
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When I was young you used to be able to get inflatable books that not matter what you did to them, chew them etc, they didnt get wrecked.

So I propose a similar idea for computers: inflatable ones that you can chew at as some kind of stress toy type thing.

imagooAJ, Nov 04 2000


       If you've got a rat-infested basement, my guess is that computers probably wouldn't be your biggest concern.....
BigThor, Nov 06 2000

       Better yet, use the chewing as input to the computer. (Even more fun than imagining cyanide suicide teeth.)
hello_c, Nov 07 2000

       Dog rule, "If I've ever seen it before -- it's mine!"
reensure, Nov 08 2000

       Apple flavoured, perhaps with a Cherry keyboard?
jondron, Mar 03 2001

       Apple would sue, or better yet, pitch this idea to them. They'd be the forrunners of the technoledgy!
arc, Mar 09 2001

       In our office they'd all have slow punctures, and everyone would sit with arms folded waiting for system support to come round and blow them up again.
pawnpusher, Jul 15 2001


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