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Anti-Gravity Soccer

A video game where you can play soccer with no gravity, half gravity, etc.
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My initial idea was for Anti-Gravity Soccer. It would be played in a large arena with walls and a ceiling of sorts, and you could score by kicking the ball off of anything. You could also change the amount of gravity applied to the ball, so you could play like you were on a different planet, for example.

I think this idea could probably apply to other games, such as American Football.

Frettsy, Nov 27 2006


       This would be too difficult for a typical games console. It might be good as a virtual reality game though.
xaviergisz, Nov 27 2006

       Have you been watching Red Dwarf reruns? "Zero-Gee Football" was a game outlined in that.   

       Why a video game? I would bun it if it was a real game and you would go a little more into the "how" of it.   

       Until then [-] for just another video game.
webfishrune, Nov 27 2006

       Good logic [webfishrune], if [Frettsy] (nice name btw) had suggested ignoring the laws of physics or transporting entire soccer teams into space, he'd have gotten your vote; but because he suggested something that's actually within the realms of possibility, you're voting against it?   

       If there were to be no gravity, surely controlled movement in an open arena would be quite difficult for the players, and that this would resemble something more similar to 3D table football.   

       Back when the world cup was on, I bought something marketted as a 'hover football' at a cheap electronics outlet. It turned out to just be a hovering (1/4 inch or so) disk designed for kicking. By the next day it was broken.
hidden truths, Nov 27 2006

       //but because he suggested something that's actually within the realms of possibility, you're voting against it//   

       Since when did HB ideas ever have more than a passing relation to the realms of possibility? Anyway, it would be perfectly possibly to play this as a real game if , for example, it was suggested putting the arena on a space station.   

       I don't consider a "lets write a video game about x" to be an original idea. Video games are done to death, as are soccer video games, as is anti-gravity in video games.   

       As it stands, this is little more than a "lets all" with no substantialy original idea. I thought that ideas about writing video games in otherwise non-original ways was not a valid HB idea. Correct me if I am wrong please. The idea also does not even touch on the physics engine or any novel or new features.   

       Anyway, aside from all that [h_t], i'm voting against it because I don't like the idea as it stands, whether you like my logic or not, it is an opinion and opinion does not always have to follow logic.   

       I like the idea in the context of a real-world activity, not as a game.   

       But don't let me put you off Frettsy. Nice attempt anyway. I stick to my original comment. Describe how and i'll bun it.
webfishrune, Nov 27 2006

       I didn't question your opinion [web], I questioned the logic you used to back it up.   

       To call it perfectly possible to play a game on a space station is facetious. As of right now, it costs $20 million for one person to go into space. An 11 man side would cost $220 million. Factor in substitutes, managers and a camera crew and you're talking a game that costs well over half a billion dollars.   

       Also I don't see how you impute a "lets all". It is being suggested that some person makes this game. This is no different to 'some person makes this invention'.   

       And having non-original component parts does not make the composite product unoriginal. If someone were to suggest the idea of a motorised shopping trolley. It wouldn't be unoriginal because shopping trolleys exist and because motors exist. (It would be unoriginal because they already exist (fittingly enough, the second google result for the term is a halfbakery idea for it))
hidden truths, Nov 27 2006

       //To call it perfectly possible to play a game on a space station is facetious. As of right now, it costs $20 million for one person to go into space.//   

       I can see your points [h_t] but since when has cost ever been an issue to the HB? It is not cost effective, you are absolutely right, but it IS possible and currently using current technology. If it was a worldwide sport, judging by the amount of money spent on football, baseball, basketball etc. igf it is added up around the world, I could almost imagine them doing it too.   

       I can understand why this may not be a "lets all" though.
webfishrune, Nov 27 2006

       I do see your point and I agree that ideas don't and shouldn't need to necessarily be cost effective. I was just curious as to why you were criticising an idea that was financially possible because it wasn't one that wasn't.
hidden truths, Nov 27 2006

       I had not played any of these similar games which have been mentioned. If this idea has been baked, my apologies. However, I don't quite see the possibility of this *actually* happening in the near future, at least not in outer space. Perhaps in a simulator, *on Earth*.
Frettsy, Nov 27 2006

       Some more details:   

       -This would need a jump button, but some way to keep the player from jumping too high.   

       -Implement a "header" button.   

       -Whenever the head, chest, or feet of the player are within a certain distance from the ball, a signal is given (perhaps that part of the body lights up) and at this time you can push your chosen button (header, chest, kick).   

       -When the kick button is pressed, the game pauses while a power meter quickly pops up. The player must use arrows to add spin and press the kick button again to stop the power meter. This all happens in less than a second.   

       -A button that automatically directs your player toward the ball's current destination.
Frettsy, Nov 28 2006


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