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e-Fishing computer game

You choose your e-Bait, throw in the e-Rod and wait for an e-Fish
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The e-Fish could either work randomly or possibly by some algorithm (a special website must be constructed for this, so people can propose and possibly develop plugins) or (we are talking about how the e-fish work) the e-Fish are actually other people on the web who can choose to see the world from the e-Fishes eye.

In the meantime you hear the e-Sea complete with e-Seagulls. People could get together on the e-Beach.

And once in a season they could have their 11 year old boys join them. (I wouldn't know, I only have girls).

Macromedia flash students... here's your next project.

pashute, Oct 21 2002

Existing game genre ("Don't just sit back, here there's action") http://www.geocitie...air/8646/indexa.htm
My idea is a bit different, getting together in a boring scenario on the web. [pashute, Oct 22 2002]

Cyber Cigarette Break http://www.cybercigarettebreak.com/
Smoke 'em even if you don't got 'em [Aurora, Oct 22 2002]


       Ah yes, and you could sell e-Fishing gear and make a mint!
pashute, Oct 21 2002

       I want to be an E-Great White Shark for a day.
dag, Oct 21 2002

       Shucks, I knew I would get hit by these fishbones, and was going to firstly add this link. I specifically was on google for finding it, but was distracted, and didn't get to it. Oh well.
pashute, Oct 22 2002

       You can't e-fish. There's just something about sitting in a boat doing absolutely nothing that doesn't translate to the PC/Console world. I think it might be the beer... (Sega Bass Fishing comes in a very distant second place)
Mr Burns, Oct 22 2002

       Perhaps we could have e-beer as well available on the site? After all, there is already an e-cigarette break.
Aurora, Oct 22 2002


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