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True Interactive Sports

True Interactive Sports
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With XBox Live now fully operational and PS3 due to have a similar service... surely it's about time to play "real" sporting events concurrently with the actual event.

By having access to the data from golfing tournaments (ie pin position, weather, yardage of drive etc) you should be able to plug this - real time, into games like Tiger Woods golf. Would also work with F1 races (the cars you race against however would have to be shadow cars, able to drive through you on their true trajectory). You could charge a premium to compete "real time" or, alternatively, you could "buy" the data after the event and compete in a "real event" as many times as you like.

It only works for sports which you don't actually interact with other competitors: athletics, darts, F1 (well, you do interact but I think you can get round this in a game), golf etc.

I'd pay money to spice up the odd golf game!

Colugo, Feb 21 2006


       Like it... imagine trying to play the same shot as Tiger. Imagine winning it and Mr Woods failing... sweet.
jonthegeologist, Feb 21 2006


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