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Sim Athlete

Be The Star!
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I must say, I love sports simulation games. I love controlling the front office...the trades, the draft, the free agency. But I was thinking it would be fun to have a game where you were the athlete. You would put in your skills at the beginning of the game. You would start having just graduated from high school and being recruited by colleges. After you chose your college, you would simulate your career there. You may be a starter to begin with, or maybe you have to work hard to get there. Over the course of your college career, various things can happen. You can go to workouts for pro teams, train yourself(maybe even get involved in scandals...I'm thinking other than your stats on the field, you could have character points as well that made your value rise or drop). At the end of each year, you can choose whether to remain in college or go into the pros(untill, of course, your Sr. year where you have no choice). Then...draft day. You go to the scouting combine to try out for teams and then see what team picks you. Over the course of your pro career, various things occur(much like the college career) but you could also be traded, become a free agent when your contract expires and engage in contract negotiations. You would have to hire an agent...etc. Finally, when your career was over, you could get inducted to the hall of fame, maybe become a coach(but that would probably make it too complicated)... Anyway, you couldn't really "win" the game, you'd just play for the fame, money and accolades. Just like real athletes, I imagine. I don't know if this has been done, but I haven't heard of it. If anyone wants to make it, feel free. Steal the idea. Go ahead. See if I care. Just give me a free copy.
attackemu, Feb 08 2002


       While it doesn't have _everything_ you mention here, the snowboarding game for X-Box called "Amped," does have a lot of it.  Building a career over time, winning over sponsors, steadily improving in skills and standing, etc.  So, while picking a college and working your way up is a twist I haven't seen before, I dare say that, in general, this idea is baked.
bristolz, Feb 08 2002

       Ummmm, boring?
slacy, Feb 08 2002

       I concur with bristolz. There's a lot of software with many of these features, covering sports from boxing to soccer. Everything seems to have to have a "career mode" nowadays.
pottedstu, Feb 08 2002

       By from soccer to boxing do you mean only soccer and boxing? Hey, I believe you that they exist, but can you pot up some links?? I'm dying for them! Also, I thought of a similar game where you are, maybe, a musician(I've played Rockstar...I hate it) or an actor. Ideas?
attackemu, Feb 09 2002


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