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Parkour Jam

Tony Hawk without the skateboard
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Because my knees hurt.

Keep mashing the buttons to run and jump the ramps and rooftops.

Score points with Monkey Vaults,Tic Tacs,Cat Balances,Palm Spins and other fundamentals.

skinflaps, Aug 12 2004

Parkour http://www.urbanfre...eFlow/frontpage.htm
[skinflaps, Oct 05 2004]

Tony Hawk http://www.gamestop...es/lbox/938249b.jpg
(the game) [skinflaps, Oct 05 2004]

not to be confused with... http://www.algonet....derbirds/Parker.jpg
[po, Oct 05 2004]

Free Running http://www.freerunning.com/
Looks like Rebellion's gone and baked it. [skinflaps, Jun 29 2007]


       If this was pre-HB-crash, do you remember what kind of reception it had the first time round?   

       Good idea me thunks.
theleopard, Jun 29 2007

       Err..not a lot, you'd be about the third poster. If I remember people were being pedantic over Hawk's and Hawks. I thought this game was a pretty obvious eventuality at the time and I suppose that I've been proved right.(No wonder that software company wouldn't give me a job or sumptin.)
skinflaps, Jun 29 2007

       What's the general consensus for what to do with HB ideas that are later baked in the real world? Apart form the obligatory pat on the author's back?   

theleopard, Jun 29 2007

       Ta, if you go back to the date, Parkour was heating up here in the UK, so was summer and if I remember "Jump London" had been released on DVD. Someone saw the opportunity.Coincidence if you ask me.   

       //consensus for what to do with HB ideas that are later baked in the real world?// probably zip unless we're informed otherwise.   

       <runs and jumps for cover>
skinflaps, Jun 29 2007


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