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Jackass: the game

Rewards for craziness
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There's a TV show, a movie, and now stupid people paying tribute by injuring themselves in hilarious ways, so why not extend the Jackass franchise to the medium of computer games?

Jackass: the game would be set in a city with plenty of opportunities for stupidity. The player could walk freely around the city, much like in the Grand Theft Auto games, doing stupid things - walking through windows, skating up steps, and such and such.
Accessories such as cars, planks, clothes and fake genitalia could also add to the fun.
Players could also choose from their favourite characters - from the oversized Preston Lacy to the maniacal Steve-o - to best fit the stunt.

Points would be awarded based on stupidity and style, and money could be earned either to buy new accessories or to go to new locations.

Parvenu, Feb 25 2003

Jackass: the movie http://www.jackassthemovie.com
[Parvenu, Oct 04 2004]

the sponsor http://www.vhemt.org/
[mrthingy, Oct 04 2004]


       This is actually a very very good idea, a way to cash in on the Freedom of Movement genre of gaming (of which GTA is currently either holding a monopoly over, or is at least the main man). [+1]   

       Surely you should be able to die as well through performing one too many failed stunts? That'd make the real Jackass crew look fairly spectacular in comparison, and boost their status as a result, I guess.
monkeyseemonkeydo, Feb 25 2003

       Great idea. Surely it's more fun to cut your head of in virtual reality than in real life.
st3f, Feb 25 2003


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