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eXtreme Sports video games not yet done...

Digging even deeper to inspire new games
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Okay... with all of the eXteme Sports video games out there, even once niche sports like Snowboarding, BMX, and Skateboarding have been mined-out completely in terms of video games.

So make a new eXtreme sports game which digs even deeper for inspiration. Make a compilation of eXtreme sports not previously covered--mostly because they are non-competitive "man against nature" types of sports, but some just because they haven't caught the attention of the "X-Games" crowd.


1.) Hang-gliding 2.) Rock Climbing 3.) River Rafting 4.) Water Skiing 5.) Snowmobile Obstacle Course

Of all of these #4 is the only one which I think may have been done anywhere, unless you count really arcadish unrealistic versions of River Rafting in games like "Toobin'"

spaceman_spiff, Jan 26 2002

Water Ski http://www.cs.berke...es2/videogames.html
Bottom left of this page you will see a water ski one. [Helium, Jan 26 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       This might have been good in the arcades before huge gaming systems started coming out, but nowadays, it seems the video game crowd wants more 1st person shooters and less racing and stunt games. If you included this all in one game, maybe people would buy it, but then again maybe not...
NeverDie, Jan 26 2002

       I dunno... I didn't think that BMX or Snowboarding was all that thrilling before they were re-done for the newer video game systems. Snowmobiling and Water Skiing, at the very least could be produced with some edge to them...
spaceman_spiff, Jan 26 2002

       Hm. Hang gliding could be similar to the flying bicycle game I saw in arcades, but I don't know how to make it interesting, either.   

       Rock Climbing would be more of a logic/scheduling puzzle. How much weight does it hold, how much is going to be on it; treasure in far-away corners.   

       River Rafting I've seen in arcades, with paddles. Maybe that was the game you mention. It didn't feel right; maybe this is worth doing well.   

       There's a bunch of Snowmobile racing games; I don't know if some of them have modes that come close to what you're looking for.   

       You could do water skiing as a pairwise racing game - one player gets to drive the boat, the other gets to do jumps in the wake. Then have pairs compete against each other.
jutta, Jan 26 2002

       Mr. Spacely, if you noticed a ZZZZZZZZZZ as the first anno - by me - It was quite late... though now deleted
What you are proposing are Man and/or Machine Against and/or With Nature. In their most 'pure' virtual form, they might be best done in a Virtual Reality enivironment. Training or Off SeasonTools. Enjoy your Croissant.
thumbwax, Jan 26 2002

       Water skiing is definately baked as is jet ski racing. The apparatus for the jet ski one actually looks and moves like a jet ski...with a big screen up front.   

       I've also been on a downhill snow ski race one where you stand on skis that you have to tilt to turn, you can be interconnected with another machine and your friends can race you.   

       The hang gliding one has also been baked for a few years.
Helium, Jan 26 2002

       I'm impressed
thumbwax, Jan 27 2002


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