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Total Bowling

An obsessively complete bowling simulator
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For pinball, we have the Pro Pinball series. For billiards, we have Virtual Pool Hall. For racing, we have the Gran Turismo and Need For Speed series. For bowling... Circuit Pro Bowling? Bzzzzt. Sorry, not good enough. I want a total bowling simulator that lets the player choose among all known variants of bowling: ten-pin, nine-pin, five-pin, duckpin, candlepin, etc. The game physics would of course have to be at least as good as CPB, if not better.
l2g, Mar 07 2000


       I am myself a profesional bowling player and yes i agree all the games untill now are not that bad but veryyyyyyyy far away from a good bowling game or simulator, why do we never see leages in these games, why not whin money and do a career and much more, but at least we can still dream of it, perhaps one day it will come, the one who makes this, and doing of it a good game ill buy for sure.
deadraque, May 11 2001


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