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Arcade Claw Dining

#&%@$ another asparagus!
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So, to begin your dining experience all of the comestibles arrayed before you have been painstakingly cut to mouth sized portions before hand, piled before you and organized on a slowly rotating disk around the central cook pot.
All ingredients have either been pre-cooked or can be eaten raw. This is important.

As ingredients are passing by, you are learning to use a mechanized claw to pick them from the rotating disk and manually release them into the broth.

You must then manually pick food from the broth with the claw in order to eat.

Their could be a counter rotating charcuterie board for nibbles between cooked portions.


Well, John Deere controls of course!

Eating_20Serpent [pocmloc, Oct 23 2022]

Not Craw, CRAW! https://www.youtube...watch?v=ftgAG3Vnif8
[AusCan531, Oct 25 2022]

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       This sounds like fondue with extra steps. [+]
21 Quest, Oct 23 2022

       [+] Yes, except that I've heard that arcade game claws are rigged so that they barely work, and the controls are really bad. This would only be good if it was fun to control. I guess //John Deere controls// may be meant to imply something good about the controls, but I'm not a John Deere fan, so I wouldn't know.
scad mientist, Oct 23 2022

       Sounds like a diet plan [+]
sninctown, Oct 23 2022

       //John Deere controls//
<okay story time>

       There was a road crew building what we called the highway to nowhere that was the first segment of a highway that to this day has yet to be completed.   

       At that time I was working at a Coca cola distributor on the sunshine coast, (very small), and told that both myself and the guy that taught me had to train our replacements... ie (the bosses sons) I started showing up at 4:30 in the morning in their room wearing my hard hat, my work boots and my lunch.   

       Room clears out and boss calls me into his office. He shows me a stack of application forms and tells me to fill one out and that it will be stacked beneath all of those.
I still had a job I just wanted to pre-emt my choices.

       Second day he tells me to get lost.   

       Sixth day I show up with my hardhat my boots and a lunch somebody shows up having gotten a DUI and I'm the only guy in them room with a drivers license, and now I'm suddenly a dump truck driver, and then the Rubber-tire backhoe operator gets a DUI and the foreman asks; "Do you know how to operate one of these?"   

       All I knew at the time was that there were two different types of controls...,   

       I lied, "Yeah... my uncle let me play with his when I was seventeen. John Deere or the other kind?"   

       ...and then I was their backhoe operator.   


       Things were different in the past.   

       If you could do a thing you did it, credentials be damned.   

       I was one waiting at a ferry terminal for an early-hours-of-the-morning ferry, bascially a drab temporary waiting room with rows of seats and strip lighting for about 3 hours. There was a mechanical claw machine in the corner. The only other people waiting were a man and a c.10 year old boy. The boy wanted to play the machine. It cost a certain amount to play say £2, but the notice explained that there was no restriction on the number of plays. The boy played it for about an hour and a half non-stop and eventually got the soft toy prize. It was great entertainment.   

       Also vaguely related <link>
pocmloc, Oct 23 2022

       + Maybe you can pay extra to use the claw that has a little ladle attached to it.
xandram, Oct 23 2022

       Since all little kids want to be backhoe drivers when they grow up. This obviously is one of the better ideas. Toy Story certainly didn't include this on a whim. While the meals may end up being very scant and frustrating, if you keep the drinks coming it may be very lucrative for the restaurateur.
mylodon, Oct 25 2022

       If only there was someway to combine this with jousting...
mylodon, Oct 25 2022

       "You'll never get away with this, Craw" [link]
AusCan531, Oct 25 2022

       I'm very much in favour of arcade claw devices and especially when combined with a sushi train arrangement as an added feature. Approved! Crumb awarded.
xenzag, Oct 25 2022

       //all little kids want to be backhoe drivers// My wife has wanted a backhoe for Christmas ever since she was told she couldn't have a hippopotamus. I'm still actively looking for backhoe simulator software.   

       From what I've been able to find online, there's two different control patterns: "ISO", "SAE", "John Deere", "Cat", "Euro", "Backhoe", "Excavator", "Left dip", "Right dip", and "Oh shit that was a water main"
lurch, Oct 25 2022

       //If only there was someway to combine this with jousting...//   

...Helmet grab jousting, on tricycles.

       I might actually try that one!
I'm trying to think up the stupidest contests for an annual Gladiators Day long weekend.
Things like garbage-can chariot races were one buddy tows the other for the first leg and then switch for the second lap. Foam rubber swords and Nerf bow shots from the crowd.
Wet pillow fights on a log over the pond.
Tricycle jousting, etc.

       hmmmm, the claw will factor in somewhere.   

       Oh yes, it will factor...   


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