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Automotive Allergy Snorkel

Because I have cats
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I have cats.

My friend is allergic to cats.

Cats shed.

Shedded hair follows me wherever I go.

Thus, I cannot drive with my friend in the car. At least, not until now.

I present the automotive allergy snorkel - a mask that can be inserted into a port connected to the front cabin-air intake vents of my car (installation of port and hose extra). The snorkel allows my friend to breathe external air that passes, in a hose, around the same climate-control systems of the car as the standard cabin air.

Separate filters are installed in the hose, of course.

The mask for the snorkel is a nose-and-mouth mask that has exhalation-only flaps, so that air pressure does not force the mask off of my friend's face, nor does it force him to inhale more than he wants to. Once he exhales, the flaps open, and air is expelled. When he inhales, the flaps are closed by the pressure differential between inside and outside, and he gets fresh air from the tube.

A separate helmet allows passengers to believe, when combined with the mask, that they are in a military aircraft.

shapu, Dec 10 2007

The Full Body Condom full_20body_20condom
Wish I'd posted it first. [elhigh, Dec 11 2007]


       1. Purchase box truck   

       2. Put seat in box truck   

       3. convince allergic friend to ride in back   

       4 .learn to drive box truck
evilpenguin, Dec 10 2007

       Thank goodness his name isn't Richard.
shapu, Dec 10 2007

       <obligatory-cat-in-box- with-bottle-of-poison- annotation>
8th of 7, Dec 10 2007

       lint remover; apply before meeting cat-allergic friends.   

       The allergy is to cat saliva; when they wash themselves they get it on their fur, which then flies off and attaches itself to everything else.   

       Alternatively, shellac the cat
FlyingToaster, Dec 11 2007

       From what I understand, cat saliva and cat fur are separate allergies.
shapu, Dec 11 2007

       There is a low-tech solution to your problem.   

       Rubber gloves   

       To remove pet hair from wherever it sticks, pull on a pair of dishwashing gloves and wipe your palm across each surface. The hair will start to ball up and you'll be able to easily pick it off.   

       I suggest that before meeting up with your friend, frisk yourself with a pair of dishwashing gloves.   

       Price of a pair of dishwashing gloves: approximately $3.   

       Price of seeing the expression on your mother's face when she catches you frisking yourself with her dishwashing gloves: priceless.
pyggy potamus, Dec 11 2007

       <cuing up Kenny Loggins> I feel the need for speed.
elhigh, Dec 11 2007

       Pastry. This is better than just wearing a filter mask (without a hose) because the filter on the hose would rarely need to be changed. The cabin air filter of the vehicle would be doing most of filtration work. It could also be used to filter external air when riding with windows open.
ed, Dec 11 2007

       // Rubber gloves //   


       1. stretch glove completely over cat.   

       2. Tie cuff in knot.   

       3. Wait 48 hours.   

       Problem solved.
8th of 7, Dec 11 2007

       Rubber gloves? Lint rollers? Those aren't much fun.
shapu, Dec 11 2007

       // Those aren't much fun //   

       You've led a very sheltered life, [shapu] haven't you ?
8th of 7, Dec 11 2007

       Your friend needs to provide you with a Full Body Condom before you step into his/her car, and you can thus keep your foreign pollutants on your person.
elhigh, Dec 11 2007

       Your friend needs to provide you with a Full Body Condom before you step into his/her car, and you can thus keep your foreign pollutants on your person. Then none of you will have to look all ridiculous in your faux fighter gear.
elhigh, Dec 11 2007

       //You've led a very sheltered life, [shapu] haven't you?//   

shapu, Dec 11 2007

       [8th of 7] has the best solution!
vincevincevince, Dec 11 2007

       //Rubber gloves? Lint rollers? Those aren't much fun.//   

       I used to be allergic to them; knowing that an hour or so spent at a cat owner's home would end me up with scarlet, bugged-out eyeballs and a splitting headache isn't much fun, either. The problem with the OP's solution is that it leaves the eyes (nice soft, wet tissues) vulnerable.   

       The choices when you have a cat are...   

       a) brush the cat every couple days, or...   

       b) brush everything else, constantly.   

       Brushing your clothing, car upholstery, and washing your hands before you meet your allergic friend should solve the problem.   

       As an alternative solution, a military-issue gasmask and disposable gloves for your friend should work, also.
FlyingToaster, Dec 12 2007

       You could always tell the police you're on your lunch break from Intel.
shapu, Dec 14 2007


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