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Required: shirtless frat boys, cheap beer, plastic trash bags (kitchen size).

Two bags are hung at about 7 feet. Beer is poured in until they are appropriately pendulous. The teams are 2 boys to a bag. They stand, teeth bared, each at a bulging corner of the bag. When the whistle blows the boys bite into their bag corners then nurse like alcoholic calves at the bag's yeasty teats. Onlookers cheer and jeer. Whoever drains their bag first wins. The team of two losers must wear the two empty bags as pants, with their legs out the teatholes.

bungston, Feb 03 2005

Beer bong http://itappakegga.net/BigBeerBong.jpg
Shirtless frat boys - check, cheap beer - check. [Worldgineer, Feb 03 2005]

Volcano Bag Bong http://www.weedcity...apouriser_487_1.htm
[Giblet, Feb 06 2005]


       Bong means something else round here.
wagster, Feb 03 2005

       Never heard of a beer bong, [wags]? You are deprived. Basically just a funnel and some tubing, beer in one end, drunk out the other. It works because air doesn't have to go in the hole the beer is coming out of, as when you're drinking from a can or bottle. It nearly always makes me puke just from the huge and sudden pressure of beer in my stomach, this results in a net loss of beer in my body, so I never do it, but I think it's fun to watch. This idea is way too open to cheating, however. You need to add some nozzles, or nipples, to the teats so the beer ends up working the way it should: poisoning shirtless frat boys.
Wisconsin, Feb 03 2005

       [wags] It meant something different where I grew up too.   

       As for these kinds of things, why is it any different to drinking out of a suitably wide glass? I mean the pressure etc is going to be the same as any contraption, no matter how much tubing might be involved.
zen_tom, Feb 03 2005

       The main cause of increased consumption is the several feet of pressure head caused by having the funnel high above your mouth.   

       I'd call it a sad waste of perfectly good beer, but most college students can't afford anything approaching a "good" beer.
Worldgineer, Feb 03 2005

       The guy holding the hose up in [World]'s link looks familiar. He probably just looks like someone I used to know.   

       Anyway, my favorite part of this idea is the losers' 'punishment.'
Machiavelli, Feb 03 2005

       This is quite common at Australian weddings
benfrost, Feb 04 2005

       //This is quite common at Australian weddings//   

       Heh Hahh Heh ah Ha Harg Karlk Kha Kha KaHoo. One of these days I've got to quite smoking. Any pictures of UnaBubba doing such?
Zimmy, Feb 06 2005

       I have no interest in beer either. If this could be done with chocolate milk though, I might be persuaded...
robinism, Feb 06 2005

calum, Feb 06 2005

       Too smart for beer?!
Well, I never...

kevindimie, Feb 11 2005

       I think chocolate milk would be a lot tougher to throw back than beer. Unless, of course, it was chocolate beer.
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 07 2005

       "Yeasty teats." OMG. Coolest word combo EVER.   

       And I would gladly station myself at one corner, so long as my little brothers were sharing my bag bong. We could even give Australians a run for their money.
justibone, Apr 07 2005

       [justibone] Forget it. Don't even try. We don't *play* drinking games; beer is our life, our sustenance, and the turgid, foaming center of our honour.
goldilox, Apr 08 2005

       Croissant just for the phrase "nurse like alcoholic calves at the bag's yeasty teats"
Joolin, Jul 29 2010

       Can't hold a candle to //the turgid, foaming center of our honour.//
mouseposture, Jul 29 2010





       wow [+]   

       //beer is our life, our sustenance, and the turgid, foaming center of our honour//   

       Incedentally our most 'australian' songs are the most horrible songs to be sung whilist drunk; though why or even how you would drink a song is beyond me.
xxobot, Jul 30 2010

       [xxobot]: lemme see: "I come from a land down under' <hick> "where beer does flow and men chunder" <hick> .... works for me!
Cedar Park, Jul 30 2010


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