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Drinking/Smoking Video Game

Beer Pong, with real beer + real video game of Pong
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Directly inspired by the weird amalgam linked below (drinkngame). The idea is that you would combine a vending machine that served shots of beer, with a video game of, say, Beer Pong. Every time you missed, you would have to drink another handily-dispensed dixie cup of beer. Hours of everyone for fun (hic)! For that matter, with the use of an industrial-strength herbal vaporizer, and some kind of internal herbal- cartridge-delivery system, you could install something similar in a Medicinal Marijuana Clinic... Zap! One toke over the frag...
cloudface, Nov 29 2009

(?) Inspiring Arcade Console http://www.drinkngame.com/index.html
Sadly, this does not appear to be an interactive tippling device. [cloudface, Nov 29 2009]


       Better if the machine dispensed Janx Spirit (q.v.)
8th of 7, Nov 29 2009

       Yeah, but how do you get the bottle to tip over and make the machine drink?
kaz, Nov 29 2009

       I had such high hopes for this one. sigh... I guess I'll have to stick to Link's Crossbow trainer and jello shots while smoking.
rocdoc, Nov 30 2009


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