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Drinking Flashmob

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This is only about a quarter baked. But the idea isn't tough: flashmob+alcohol. Shots would likely be involved.
kylecameron, May 11 2009


       I'm fairly certain the majority of mobs already contain a substantial amount of alcohol. Therefore, apart from being extremely lame as a Halfbakery Idea, this is also fairly baked.   

       If however you were referring to a Flashparty, then you should check out A.L.E., whose appearance turns most standard parties into the proposed idea. This idea would have a bit more merit, but given the undue brevity of your idea it is hard to determine your intent.   

       On a side note I hope your submissions improve. (or that you are just a flashmember) [-]
MikeD, May 11 2009

       Shots are easily spillable and not really suited to the fast paced lifestyle of the flashmobber, but I admire the sentiment [+].
hidden truths, May 11 2009

       Those lying in the gutter afterwards, might admire the sediment.
popbottle, Nov 15 2015

       Baked. Happens every Friday, Saturday night here in upstate New York. Having bar backed and worked in a late night restaurant I know that there are flash mobs that form and bar hop and end up at my restaurant. "Mobs" are a very subjective term. To us a "mob" is 15 or more people, that come in all at once. But this concept is very baked. Even more so when the mob has rented a limo bus. Oh the horrors that poor bus driver must endure...
evilpenguin, Nov 15 2015


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