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Drinking around the world.

drinking game
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You need to go to a bar with a wide varity of beers and spirits to play effectively. The object is to drink one beer and shot from one country, then continuing this pattern till you drink yourself around the world, or pass out cold in which case you loose
Mr_Turner, May 11 2006

mygayworld: Round the World Drinking Game http://www.mygayweb.../game/?ID=133&GTY=6
Same basic idea, but with more gay. [jutta, May 11 2006]


       Hardly a new invention, is it? And I'm thinking you're gonna "loose" either way.
DrCurry, May 11 2006

       A more interesting drinking game, if you're in a new city (works in your home city too), is try a pub crawl as recommended by the locals. After your first drink (in whichever bar you like), ask the bartender which bar he/she recommends for your next drink. Go there. Repeat until desired state of merriment/ drunkenness/ paralytic stupor is reached.
imaginality, May 11 2006

       Is this the result of an American underestimation of just how many countries there are in the world?   

       Let's see, there's the US, Canada, Mexico, Britain, Iraq, and Australia, wherever that is. I guess that's about all.
Texticle, May 11 2006

       Gee seems no worse than bag-beer-bong, or Magic 8 Shots ( you ever drank 8 shots in a row), and they got bread....hummm me thinks a good'ol boy club is bone'n persons they don't like.
Mr_Turner, May 11 2006

       I wouldn't flatter myself too much. You've not been here long enough to become disliked. It's just not being seen as an original idea. I've been to many a "drink our way around the world " party.
normzone, May 11 2006

       Yeah but Mr. norm, you have not drank your way to Connecticut yet. Poor soul.
blissmiss, May 11 2006

       Already thoroughly baked at a pub close to here called "Tap Works." Beer being their specialty, they serve beer from just about every major soverign state on every continent. If you complete this momumental undertaking, you get your name and face up on a wall somewhere ...
Letsbuildafort, May 11 2006

       So to win, you need to consume 384 drinks in one go. Maybe the high-scorers could be buried in whichever country they reached by the time they died of alcohol poisoning.
david_scothern, May 11 2006

       //face up on a wall somewhere ...//face down on a floor somewhere...
po, May 11 2006

       //Is this the result of an American underestimation of just how many countries there are in the world?//   

       What? you mean there are other countries outside of this one? I thought we all came from the same village.
skinflaps, May 11 2006

       What [Texticle] said.
kuupuuluu, May 11 2006

       Did anyone ever post the World Drinking Clock? That was such a good idea.   

       //I thought we all came from the same village// in that case, I'm gonna pop round later and ask your mum what she thought of that picture.
moomintroll, May 11 2006

       //Did anyone ever post the World Drinking Clock? That was such a good idea.//   

       I'm working on it :)
skinflaps, May 11 2006

       [skin] I put it in the 2006 predicitions (that it got made this year) but it got deleted out by the author of said lame predictions. I think it's a most awesome idea!   

       It's a disputed fact that there are between 189-194 countries in the world.   

xandram, May 11 2006

       "...US, Canada, Mexico, Britain, Iraq, and Australia..."
Gee, that's a rather harsh characterization of American knowledge of geography. Surely we all know about the country of Africa as well.

       By the way, the idea does not say to drink a shot and beer from every country.
half, May 11 2006

       [I_T] But it is the *World* Drinking Clock.....
xandram, May 11 2006

       [half] I considered mentioning Africa as well... anyone know what its capital is?   

       Hmm... you're right as well, only enough to get round the world. How about starting in southern Chile, via South Africa, Australia, NZ and back?
david_scothern, May 11 2006

       //anyone know what its capital is//
Africa City, ya daftie.
calum, May 11 2006

       And what beverage will we drink to represent countries where alcohol is forbidden? Fishbone for thoughtless foolishness.
baconbrain, May 11 2006

       //where alcohol is forbidden//water - its good.   

       well, mostly in places where its clean that is...
po, May 11 2006

       Which Hastings?
methinksnot, May 12 2006

       I'm a born and bred Brit and I have no idea whether Brighton or Bournemouth is nearer to Hastings. I let maps figure that kind of stuff out for me.
hidden truths, May 12 2006

       This "drinking around the world" concept reaches its apotheosis at EPCOT in Walt Disney World, down in Orlando. The object, or so I am told, is to have a drink at each pavilion around the lake. Helpfully, there is not only an English pub at one end, but also a Mexican tequila bar at the other...
cloudface, Nov 29 2009

       Apotheosis would be a good name for a club. You could call it Ape's for short.
bungston, Nov 30 2009


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