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Alertnate reality beer-pong made real. [link]
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Drill holes in a beer-pong table at the centers of where solo-cups would normally be placed.
Attach air hoses to under each hole and connect to a single hose coming from the exhaust port of your central-vac or shop-vac.

Place ping-pong balls atop the holes and turn on the vacuum.
The balls will now all hover above the table at a height determined by the amount of air flow diverted to the hose.

A ball has to stick to the double sided tape at the inside bottom of your thrown solo-cup to count or it is placed back in the air stream if knocked aside.

Alternate reality pong https://imgur.com/gallery/bDbYefY
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 15 2018]

The Chemistry Of Toys! http://chymist.com/Toystore%20part2.pdf
Muhahahahahahahaha!!!! <cough> <cough> [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 17 2018]

Gum arabic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gum_Arabic
The stuff in moisture-activated glue [Voice, Dec 17 2018]

Kitten postage stamp http://www.floppyca...01/Kitty37_sglS.jpg
Borgbane [Voice, Dec 17 2018]


       Won't the cup also be deflected by the airflow, making scoring impossible ? The open mouth of the cup is going to direct the airflow into the base, unless it is traveling normal to the jet, in which case the force will be on the outside, pushing it upward.
8th of 7, Dec 16 2018

       I'm not sure. I'm going to whip one up soon and we'll see.   

       In my head I see the momentum of the cup momentarily blocking airflow to the ball before it is deflected if thrown just right.
I might have to double-side tape the entire inside of the cup.

       Spray glue instead of tape ? Quick, even coverage.
8th of 7, Dec 16 2018

       Nice. Maybe that rubbery stuff that gets sticky again when rinsed off.   

       We have a horrible suspicion that we know what substance you mean ... EEEEeeeeeeeewwww, too much information ...
8th of 7, Dec 16 2018

       Um... on a side note I stumbled on a pretty cool site because of what you just said.   

       From link # 2:
"Different plastics are used to make Wall Walkers. They may be composed of an isoprene polymer (a synthetic rubber), styrene-butadiene copolymer, or a poly (styrene -butylene- ethylene) copolymer along with tackifiers, and coloring materials. In some cases, wall walkers glow in the dark. This is due to the addition of a phosphorescent zinc sulfide."

       Not sure what you're referring to... and at this point I'm scared to Google.   

       So, uh... how 'bout dem Nicks?   

       We know it's rubbery and water makes it more sticky, so I'm guessing Borg have an aversion to the glue that comes on the back of postage stamps and you're supposed to lick. It's a reasonable aversion if you ask me.
Voice, Dec 17 2018

       Failed Beernoulli experiment #1:   

       -Don't place the air-lines in series or the pressure diminishes for each hole. (hmmm it might be cool to have the balls hover at different elevations)
-Too small a hose diameter restricts air-flow so much that even though I left the far end of the hose open to prevent blowing the connections apart none of the air made it that far.

       Next time gadget... next time.   

       Surely augmented reality, not alertnate reality? I don't even know who Nate (or Nick, unless Saint Nick) is.
notexactly, Dec 18 2018

       [2 fries shy of a happy meal]; full-baking, nice!
A tip: use a plenum box (possibly with internal partial baffles) then reasonably-shaped nozzles as your "table", rather than trying to individually hose. Should give you a more even air-flow.
[8th of 7], the airflow will affect the cup too, so you would probably want to throw the cup mouth up(ish) at the jet below the ball. Cup breaks airflow, allowing ball to fall to cup, meanwhile airflow also pushes cup UP towards ball.
Hardcore version: no tape, cup must land upright (somewhere on table or floor nearby) with ball inside...
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 18 2018

       Thanks. : ]   

       Any luck with the Coanda Tornado specs?   

       The frames are ready, but the lenses are still getting their final polishing.   

       [neut] is correct, a plenum is the way to go to ensure evenly distribution of flow/pressure.
8th of 7, Dec 18 2018

       Coanda Tornado - sorry [2 fries...], I had completely forgotten I was going to play with that. I'll get on to it in the new year.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 18 2018

       No biggie.
It's not like it's the solution to industrial pollution and the energy crisis or anything.


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