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Magic 8 Shots

A new twist on an old game
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There is the Magic 8 Ball. You ask a quetion, shake the ball and your answer floats to the top. This is the same game, but with shot glasses instead of a ball. You fill the eight identical shot glasses with an opaque liquid (typically with a high alcohol content), ask your question, choose your glass, drink, and the answer to your question will be written on the inside bottom of the glass: Yes, no, maybe, try again....

The game gets better with the more participants, and as the blood alcohol content rises.

5, Jul 21 2002


       All of mine said, "ANIHC NI EDAM".
FarmerJohn, Jul 21 2002

       After 8 shots, I think the answer should be perfectly obvious, so you don't even need the pre-printed glasses.
DrCurry, Jul 21 2002

       Great idea!...Ummm...wat wosh my quesshon agan?...*hic*...oh well...*hic*... yum...a cwossont, I wass s'pose to do sumthin wiff this...<shrugs>...*hic*..<gobbles croissant and leaves crumbs for [5]>
Fink, Jul 21 2002

       I know certain people who would have a full set of only TRY AGAIN glasses.
hob, Jul 22 2002

       I have a set of shot glasses that say "answer at the bottom of the Wild Turkey bottle."
infinitemotion, May 01 2003

       you need a ball-bearing mounted platter with depressions for the glasses. Preferably shiny but not too expensive. Then you put your glasses on the platter, give it a spin and pick the one the arrow is pointing to (a la wheel of fortune). Croissant by the way, I am already trying to figure out how to make one of these for myself. Kahlua and bailey's would work as a beverage but something less sweet would suit me better.
brewer, Mar 13 2004

       Sounds good to me, but I'm guessing this will turn out similar to a game of drunken truth or dare... but without the dares.
ye_river_xiv, Jul 27 2006

       Oh, Oh! What if you made little shot glass lids, and got the dice things out of the magic eight balls (It's just a floating d20, really) Then you could probably just shake up a shot of jagermeister... or any other dark liquor, and the answer would slowly float to the top just like with the eight ball....   

       Be careful not to eat the answere dice... unless you've found a way to make them out of lighter-than-liquor food... Hmm, I think I'm halfbaking now...
ye_river_xiv, Jul 30 2006


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