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Breath Away Mints

Finally the power of napalm, in a mint
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Have you ever found yourself yearning to break free from an uncomfortable one-on-one situation? That girl that won’t stop talking to you at the party? The guy who hovers around your desk all day? Breath Away is the answer for you! One whiff of that foul stench will send that annoying nuisance packing!

The secret to Breath Away mints is the crystal-filled flavor center. Each tablet is covered with a refreshingly minty outside that disguises the horror that lurks within. Once you bite down, the flavor crystals in the center react with each other to form a pungent gas cloud that you immediately *exhale into the face of the would-be-pest.

Oh, and don’t worry about being stuck with dragon breath... just pop in another BreathAway! The minty outside will leave your breath fresher than ever, while the deadly inside leaves you ready for whatever life spits up.

*failure to exhale may cause irreversible kidney, liver and spleen damage, unconsciousness, sudden uncontrollable bouts of rage, and a need for your mother.

ObPickle, Feb 26 2003

(?) Breath Away Mints http://www.dolanfam...eathaway/index.html
Everything you just read here, plus a FLAVOR LIST! Yes, this is my website. [ObPickle, Oct 17 2004]


       Your link suggests that your idea isn't original! Unless its your website of course...   

       As I was going to say on the pizza idea - another thing that is likely to get a couple of 'Baked!' comments is if the idea has already been thought of. So steel yourself for that.   

       For the record though, I really like the idea. Reminds me of some kind of non-lethal secret agents tooth - like a cyanide tooth. Now THERE is a halfbaked invention <nudge, nudge>.
Jinbish, Feb 26 2003


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