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STD Conversation Mints

Gag gifts for your lover.
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I want to emphasize that this is a gag item, but I think it would sell. Based on those little crappy-tasting hearts that say "Be mine."

Emblazoned with various STDs, except for trichomanosis which wouldn't fit, the mints can be handed out so you too can say, "You see Shelia over there? I gave her herpes."

Part of the proceeds go towards AIDS research in a bout of charitable irony.

JeremiahBritt, Feb 09 2005

Herpes - not funny... http://www.cdc.gov/.../STDFact-Herpes.htm
...AIDS even less funny. [po, Feb 09 2005]


       23 going on 7. Eh, made me smile anyway. +
Worldgineer, Feb 09 2005

       This is kinda funny, but also unbelievably tasteless. I don't think you could have HIV or AIDS sweeties - jokes can be pushed too far. I suspect that AIDS researchers would probably spend their part of the proceeds on a couple of test tubes.
wagster, Feb 09 2005


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