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Mint Leaf Chocolate

Chocolate bar with mint leaves inside
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That's basically it. A chocolate bar with mint leaves inside.
doctorterron, May 30 2003

Dark chocolate with mint leaves http://www.chocolat...tion=275&section=10
[DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

caffeinated breakfast cereal http://www.halfbake...0breakfast_20cereal
Recipe? [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

White Chocolate Jesus with Liquid Cherry Center http://www.halfbake...d_20Cherry_20Center
Recipe? [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]


       I don't consider this a recipe at all. It's conceptual and I like it. +   

       One detail though: would the mint leaves be intact or minced up?
bristolz, May 30 2003

       Agreed it's not a recipe. But mint chocolate is not exactly uncommon, and I completely fail to see the attraction of including actual leaves. Anyway, this would appear to be Baked (see link).
DrCurry, May 30 2003

       Could you post this idea on a cooking site and have it accepted as a recipe? I interpret a recipe as a series of procedural instructions for how to make something.   

       Otherwise, virtually any combination of components could be deemed a recipe.   

       Add one ingredient, explosives (that exists) to another, resumes (that exist), for instance.
bristolz, May 30 2003

       This could be posted to a recipe site, particularly one focused on candy making. The idea is pretty vague... it says 'chocolate bar' and the tendency is to presume a mass produced commodity. That might be the intent, but it's not clear.   

       I have always thought 'recipe' as it pertains to the bakery meant specifically food combinations. If there's doubt about that perhaps we should ask for clarification.   

       In any case, this would be pretty disgusting.   

       bris, I don't think you really want us to go through the entire bakery haggling over every potential recipe idea to make this point, do you?
waugsqueke, May 30 2003

       [blissmiss] your starting to sound like [waugs]....Hey [waugs] ;)
silverstormer, May 30 2003

bristolz, May 30 2003

       My question remains... what does "straight recipes" mean with regards to how it applies to the mfd issue at the bakery? Perhaps jutta could chime in - presuming she made the rule, she can illuminate us as to her intent.   

       Precedence is another issue here. There are ideas, such as Tails for All, that predate the mfd rules against GM/magic, and as such continue to exist.
waugsqueke, May 30 2003

       Aw fuck this. I'm outta' here.
bristolz, May 30 2003

       Apparently it's a recipe for disaster. She is beautiful though, isn't she?
thumbwax, May 30 2003

       How about dipping an entire living mint plant in chocolate, and selling it in the pot? Possible name: chocopottomint.
Cedar Park, May 31 2003

       or pot-o'-chocomint? You've made this better yet, [CP]
Tiger Lily, May 31 2003

       And other kinds of leaves.....baked.
git, May 31 2003

       Mixing plant bits with chocolate isn't anything new.   

       Just ask your average hippy.
rapid transit, May 31 2003

       So, 'Happy Brownies' was not just a clever name...
Cedar Park, May 31 2003

       This is NOT a recipe. Recipes begin with raw ingredients. This is an idea for a product, just as "Analog Speedometer". Yes, we have words and ink and speedometers. "Analog Speedometer" is an (albeit stupid) idea for putting them together.   

       (Agreed with [bliss]: great, now I can't even eat a chocolate bar w/o worrying that I'll get green things in my teeth <sheesh>)
phundug, May 31 2003

       Every Jewish guy (12+) I've asked 'fessed up to eating pork - and liking it.
thumbwax, Jun 01 2003

       Maybe the chocolate bar could have a lightly flavored mint jelly inside w/ a couple of mint leaves floating around inside it.
igirl, Jun 02 2003

       i endorse the mint jelly plan.
(), Jun 02 2003

       How about chocolate covered mint leaves in an alcoholic beverage?
No no, that's terrible.
Well then, how about a chocolate covered mouse in a drink?
Ooooh...getting better.
Ok, let’s see, how about a frozen mouse a drink?
Hummmm, <tasting> now that’s an idea!
pluterday, Jun 02 2003


       As the mint grows through time extending its reach through a network of runners, it would shed it's chocolate outer whilst flowering a handsome purple mint display, leaving little crunchy mint choc' pieces to be picked up and nibbled. (Unless it's particularly warm, then you'd have a minty chocolate dip.)
skinflaps, Mar 13 2008


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