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mint strawberry leaves

mint strawberry leaves
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I think that strawberys should be engenerd to have mint leaves where the normal bad tasting leaves are. that way you can eat the whole thing and not have a pile of stems evry time you eat strawberrys
vivaelryan, May 12 2002



       Chocolate strawberries, please.
phoenix, May 12 2002

       moan, moan, moan. strawberry leaves are Mother Natures little handles that she thoughtfully provided.
po, May 12 2002

       no, no, no you still have "Natures little handles" but they are mint leaves not straberry leaves
vivaelryan, May 12 2002

       While we at it, we should engineer all seeds of fruit to be coco or coffee favor. Sugar cane all branches and roots and spiced all flowers.   

       Did I leave something?
bing, May 12 2002

reensure, May 13 2002

       You're thinking of the "Maybe It's Not Terrific strawberry leaves", UnaBubba
thumbwax, May 13 2002

       Does this involve a wrench?
disbomber, Apr 05 2005

       wench! <knowing smile>
po, Apr 05 2005

       mmm delicious
benfrost, Apr 06 2005


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