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morning mint

eliminate wake-up breath
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Waking up next to your girlfriend/wife/lover is quite amazing I must say. But sometimes I cant help but notice the exchange of morning breath during AM intimacy.

I propose a little pouch that fastens neatly behind the lower front teeth be made that allows the user to simply push against it with their tongue in the morning to secrete a burst of lovely minty flavor

This could be designed only to work when pressed hard to eliminate accidental activation during sleep, or it could be positioned in a part of the mouth only reachable with conscious effort.

It would fasten using a little floss-like loop of string you attach around the desired tooth, and would either be sold in multi-packs of one-time use units, or in the refillable variety.

shinobi, May 10 2006


       With all due respect, this seems over-complicated and uncomfortable and I can't see a single benefit to it over just keeping a mint by your bed. They don't leave them on hotel pillows for nothing.
hidden truths, May 10 2006

       I miss [DeathNinja].
Letsbuildafort, May 10 2006

       Why does this remind you of [DeathNinja]?
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 10 2006

       Oh, and what [ht] said.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 10 2006

       I like the title though.
po, May 10 2006

       This is [shinobi]'s idea. Shinobi was the name of a badass Sega ninja-arcade game way back in the '80s. Just reminded me of DeathNinja, thats all.
Letsbuildafort, May 10 2006

       As an alternative, in case you were drunk the night before and brought home someone you'd rather not wake up next to, have a sleeping pill hidden behind a different tooth. Hopefully they'll have gone home by the time you wake up. Again.
Canuck, May 10 2006

       Another name could be:
"After Fellate Mints"
Ling, May 10 2006

       "Shinobi" is a sort of archaic Japanese word that can mean "shadow" or "mysterious," depending on the context. It's often used to describe ninja in videogames and on that crappy Naruto show.
notmarkflynn, May 10 2006

       I don't like Inuyasha, either.   

       Where are the real ninja?
notmarkflynn, May 10 2006

       Bleach is much better.
daseva, May 10 2006

       As a drink or as a show?
notmarkflynn, May 12 2006


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